Stunning design, Huawei Ascend P7 mid-autumn big price

  [PConline Anhui Railway Station Quote]As a typical example of the world’s thinnest machine, Huawei Ascend P7 has a stunning appearance design, both front and rear are third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which combines beauty and protection performance. At the same time, it is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 910T quad-core processor, has 2GB RAM, and a 5-inch full high definition screen. The running performance is also not to be underestimated. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, "Hefei Five Star Telecom" is promoting this mobile phone. Interested friends may wish to call for consultation.

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Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile
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Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile  Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile 

Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile  Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile 

  Huawei P7 is an upgraded version of the previous generation P6, with a body size of 139.8 × 68.8 × 6.5 mm and a weight of 124 grams. It is similar in appearance to the P6 design. It is still the style of the aluminum alloy frame and the C-shaped arc design at the bottom of the fuselage, but the material and craftsmanship of the fuselage have changed greatly compared to the previous generation. It is made of glass before and after, and the back case has textured decoration. The screen of Huawei P7 has been upgraded from the 4.7-inch 720P resolution of the previous generation to 5.0-inch 1080P (1920×1080 pixels). The screen frame is 2.97mm. The outer layer of the screen is made of Corning’s third-generation gorilla glass to enhance the scratch resistance. This screen also supports glove mode, which provides convenience for operating the mobile phone in winter. Huawei P7 is equipped with a 1.8 GHz HiSilicon Kirin 910T quad-core processor, with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB body storage space, and supports microSD card expansion; front and rear cameras are 8 million/13 million pixels.

PConline Product Library– Specifications
brand Huawei Honor
series Huawei P7 series
Model Ascend P7
Mobile phone frequency band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, TD-SCDMA 1880-1920/2010-2025MHz, TD-LTE 1900/2300/2600MHz (Mobile 4G)
weight 124G
system Android 4.4
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
WiFi (WLAN) Supports WiFi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
expansion card Support TF card (microSD card), up to 64GB expansion
product link //
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  Editor’s comment:Huawei Ascend P7 adheres to the ultimate fashion and elegance unique to the P6. In terms of appearance design, the combination of metal and glass materials creates a high-texture exquisite craftsmanship, showing the beauty of technology and fashion. Interested friends are welcome to inquire or enter the store to buy. At that time, Pacific Computer Network will enjoy more discounts.[Return to Anhui Branch to view more]

  When purchasing a machine, mention PConline Pacific Computer Network for better service or discounts.

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Unbounded design leads the fashion trend! Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has skyrocketed in popularity and is sold out immediately upon sale

  Recently, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has finally been officially launched. This high-profile Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition mobile phone has quickly become the focus of the market due to its excellent product design advantages. From design craftsmanship to appearance, it shows unparalleled charm and quality, and is loved by many star Internet celebrities. Let’s take a deeper look at this trendsetting mobile phone and explore the beauty of its design.

  The design of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition adopts the Infinite Design unbounded design language, which interprets the aesthetic concept of unbounded design. The front design creates a sense of immersion, while the front and back sides are made of solid Titan glass, which is not only extremely strong, but also improves the anti-drop performance by 4 times, providing users with excellent durability.

  The middle frame is made of ultra-lightweight stainless steel material from the automotive field mixed with steel and aluminum, which not only reduces the weight of the whole machine by 30%, but also improves the heat dissipation efficiency by 40%. The rear camera, on the other hand, abandons the frame design and adopts the crystal dome borderless mirror group. Each lens is inlaid with two pieces of sapphire, which is more forcibly updated and pure.

  In addition, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition shines with its many eye-catching color schemes. Star Black seems to bring users into the universe world of traceless stars, space silver imaginative vast starry sky, nebula green symbolizes the most mysterious nebula above the sky, each color scheme shows a unique personality and charm.

  In terms of screen, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with BOE Q9 OLED flexible straight screen, and the almost borderless design allows users to immerse themselves in the visual unbounded experience. 2K + resolution, 1850nit peak brightness and 10Bit color depth bring more delicate and realistic color performance. At the same time, it supports 1Hz to 120Hz LTPO variable refresh rate and 1920Hz PWM dimming technology for a smoother and more natural display effect.

  In terms of performance, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship platform, equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, providing users with excellent processing speed and storage capacity. The built-in 4800mAh battery meets daily use needs and supports 65W Super mCharge wired overcharge technology, making charging faster and more convenient.

  In addition to its excellent design and powerful performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has also attracted the attention and love of star Internet celebrities. Many well-known stars have shared photos with Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, showing its appearance and fashion sense. This phenomenon further proves the unique charm and attractiveness of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition in appearance.

  What’s more exciting is that the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out quickly in the first sale, demonstrating its high popularity and user recognition. Users have given positive feedback on the product power of the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, which is also a trust and support for the Meizu brand.

  In addition, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition also provides up to 3 years of quality assurance service to provide users with a full range of after-sales protection. At the same time, the mobile phone has also passed the 48-month smooth certification to ensure that users can get a lasting and smooth operation experience during use, free from performance degradation.

  In short, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has won the love of many star Internet celebrities with its excellent design craftsmanship and eye-catching appearance and has achieved great success in the market. Unbounded design language, high-quality materials, excellent screen and powerful performance have made Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition a leader in fashion trends. Whether it is appearance or interior, it has attracted users’ attention with its unique charm and brought them an excellent experience. The news that Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out for the first time is further proof of its excellent quality and market recognition. Whether it is the pursuit of fashion or the pursuit of excellent performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is a good choice.

How about Xiaomi Smart TV, Xiaomi Smart TV Features Introduction [Detailed Explanation]

  Nowadays, televisions are an indispensable type of entertainment appliances in people’s normal lives, and it can be said that they can be seen in every household. With the continuous improvement of modern technology, televisions have also been upgraded, and smart TVs have gradually appeared in our lives. At present, there are many TV brands on the market, and I believe everyone is familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. So how about Xiaomi, smart TV? The following editor will take you to have a look!

  First, the screen

  Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 47-inch narrow side, using LG’s IPS screen and Samsung’s SVA screen. The screen quality of these two major companies is truly world-class. While mainstream TVs at the same price are generally 46 inches with domestic screens, it can be seen that Xiaomi still has an advantage in this regard.

  Operating system

  Xiaomi’s operating system is MIUI TV, which is easy to operate and rich in functions. * The main thing is that you can install Android applications and games, which is much better than other ordinary TV operating systems.

  III. Processor

  The CPU of Xiaomi Smart TV is a Qualcomm quad-core 1.7GHz processor, which has a rather high configuration even compared with mobile phones. Other mainstream TVs are generally core solo processors.

  IV. 3D function

  Xiaomi Smart TV supports 3D function, and giving two pairs of 3D glasses is a great value. Generally, some mainstream TVs of the same price support 3D, while others do not.

  4K ultra high definition

  4K refers to the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160, so that the total number of pixels of the display device exceeds 8 million or more. From the perspective of resolution indicators, 720P is the high definition standard, 1080P is the full high definition standard, 4K ultra high definition is 4 times the full high definition and 8 times the high definition, making the TV picture finer and more delicate.

  The above is the relevant content about whether Xiaomi smart TV is good or not, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

AWE directly hits on the spot and joins hands with Hisense to release a variety of "lightning new products"

On March 14th, the highly anticipated China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo 2024 (AWE2024) was grandly held in Shanghai. As one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, AWE brings together the innovative achievements brought by the world’s most influential and technological enterprises. Among them, and Hisense brought 4 "Lightning New Products", including Hisense E5N-Pro, Hisense Laser TV S1, Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator and Hisense Fresh Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5. During the "Lightning New Product Season" event, the purchase of the same new product of AWE Hisense can enjoy multiple benefits such as 10% discount on trade-in, interest-free for up to 12 issues, and limited new products purchased at 0 yuan.

In the TV industry, the battle for image quality has never stopped. Whoever has better image quality will be recognized by more users. This "Lightning New Product" Hisense E5N-Pro is equipped with Hisense Core’s independent image quality chip and professional-grade console game adaptation, bringing a new visual experience. In terms of screen, Hisense 100E5N-Pro has achieved 704 partition dynamic light control, and a stable peak brightness of 1600nit. Compared with the previous generation of products, the light control precision has increased by 83%, making the picture more transparent, the bright scene is more shocking, and the dark field details are richer. At the same time, with the only independent image quality chip developed by Hisense in China – Xinxin AI image quality chip, it can achieve pixel-level AI fine adjustment, contrast, color, clarity and dynamic range are fully improved, the skin tone of the characters in the picture is more realistic and natural, and the face scene is wider and more three-dimensional.

Hisense E5N-Pro not only brings great image quality, but also not to be outdone in sound effects. It brings a three-dimensional theater sound field experience. It adopts a 2.1-channel independent subwoofer acoustic system. After Hisense’s unique Hi-Sound Pro Teana engine and the tuning of the Golden Ear professional team, the cinema and music hall are moved into your living room. You don’t have to go out or buy tickets. Open Hisense E5N-PRO to get the best visual and auditory experience. It is worth mentioning that Hisense E5N-Pro is equipped with four mainstream sizes, 65 inches, 75 inches, 85 inches and 100 inches respectively. The prices are 4699 yuan, 6199 yuan, 8599 yuan and 16399 yuan respectively.

At the scene, Hisense also brought the annual blockbuster new Starlight S1 series, which is equipped with a 100-inch foldable screen, which does not need to break the door and open the window, and is 100% easy to enter the house. After the diaphragm curl frame is folded, it is equivalent to half the size of a ping pong table. The Starlight S1 series has also obtained Rheinland’s 0 harmful blue light verification. Through nano-level light control technology, the Starlight S1 series effectively avoids the harmful blue light range, providing users with a more comfortable and healthy visual environment. The screen does not need to be powered on, and it really has 0 radiation. Coupled with the principle of reflection imaging, the TV picture is clearer and more natural, bringing users a more immersive movie viewing experience.

The upgrading of refrigerator technology has made "fresh" more durable. This "Lightning New Product" Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator attracted the attention of the audience with its Yashibai light luxury panel design and elegant and atmospheric French cloth pattern. The 598mm ultra-thin body can be flush with conventional home improvement cabinets, integrated with cabinets, beautiful and atmospheric, which not only meets consumers’ aesthetic needs for the integration of home appliances and home appliances, but also avoids bumps and is clean and does not accumulate dust. The refrigerator is loaded with the nutrition and health of the family. Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator is also equipped with IDP high-energy ion purification technology. With the strength of sterilization rate and net taste rate exceeding 99%, fresh vegetables and fruits are always healthy, and frozen meat and seafood will not deteriorate for a long time.

With the development of the times, contemporary people’s requirements for health and sleep quality are becoming more and more strict. This "Lightning New Product" Hisense Fresh Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5 can easily solve these problems. Using micro-positive pressure fresh air technology, the dirty air in the house, including carbon dioxide, can be discharged. Even if the doors and windows are not opened, there is still a steady stream of fresh air introduced at night, which truly achieves "oxygenation without oppression, and a deep sleep". When consumers turn on the fresh air function, the outdoor air is purified 6 times to isolate dust, PM2.5 and pollutants from the outside to ensure the cleanliness of the introduced fresh air; even if the cooling heat function is turned on, the indoor air will be filtered 4 times, truly achieving "outdoor fresh air and indoor clean air integration". The most important thing is that the Hisense Fresh Air Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5 also supports the removal of aldehyde in the drying room, which can help everyone remove aldehyde easily and quickly, more efficiently and intelligently, and the new home is also healthier.

As close partners, and Hisense have long built e-billing, service process visualization and other service projects around service timeliness, service cost, and experience improvement that users pay attention to, bringing users a more reliable and reassuring experience. Especially in 2023, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation around trade-in projects to promote a new service experience that integrates home appliance delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection, and achieve fruitful performance growth and general praise in the market. In the future, the two sides will deepen cooperation in products, technologies and services, and jointly explore new growth space for the home appliance industry.

Why did Volvo and Krypton choose their batteries?

On April 27th, an interview with the theme of "Walking in the Pioneer Area to See Green, Low Carbon and High Quality Development" entered Shandong Geely Xinwangda Power Battery Co., Ltd. As the undertaker of Geely Automobile’s latest pure electric and hybrid platform power battery manufacturing, with the world’s first advantage of Xinwangda hybrid battery production capacity and Geely Group’s multi-brand and multi-series automobile resource endowment, we cooperate and support each other, and give priority to the supply of many popular models such as Lectra, Krypton, Volvo and Smart, helping enterprises to develop circularly and comprehensively utilize product resources. (Public Daily Public News Client Reporter Ma Haiyan Zhang Ziliang Tang Yi Gong Shan Planning Ma Yufeng Zhang Huanze)

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

From hormone-bursting black bombs and guns, to leisure-filled traveling guns, towed guns and wild fishing guns, from coffee guns with entrepreneurial dreams to rescue guns for emergency rescue, the Great Wall guns came with a whole system modification plan.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Heavy modification of black bombs is more domineering.

Speaking of outdoor cross-country, black bomb is definitely a big move of the Great Wall Gun. The heavily modified black bullet has a tough and powerful shape, which shows the domineering spirit of others; Strengthen the fever-level off-road equipment, and the off-road performance is more outstanding. It is reported that the black bomb will be pre-sold at the Shanghai Auto Show. Are you ready to start?

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

As a heavily modified model of the Great Wall Gun, Black BombThe front and rear bumpers of the original car were replaced by stronger competitive bars, which were consistent with the style of the whole car in terms of modeling and color matching, which not only had more value, but also resisted the impact of flying slopes and off-road.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The Black Bomb also has various off-road kits such as side treads for rock climbing, front and rear double winches, spotlights, etc. Professional adjustable damping shock absorbers are used, the chassis is raised by 50mm as a whole, and the full-size off-road tires of Toyo Dragon Claw make off-road more pure.


How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

In the interior of the car, the newly designed interior of "Black Bomb" gives people a new look. Cement ash with orange lines shows high performance and fashionable design trend, while there is no lack of luxury and comfort.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Crossing the gun and challenging the limit is not a dream.

The life you yearn for is not the same, and challenging yourself is the highlight of exploring nature. The Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup Truck mainly attacks long-distance off-road, redesigned the wading throat with low wind noise, and added a quick-release roll cage in the car to improve the safety level and meet the extreme challenge.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The rear bucket is designed with a multi-purpose self-defined side plate rack and a sliding reset tray. Various types of roof tents can be installed on the gantry, and the world-famous Avandia wheel hub is matched with the prestigious KM3 tire of Bailuchi to adapt to more difficult and dangerous outdoor road conditions. The biggest highlight of the cross-country pickup truck version of the Great Wall Gun is to fix all kinds of equipment, equipped with roof racks, roof spotlights, headlights, etc., which is convenient for crossing bad road conditions and replacing tires and wheels at the same time, which looks more domineering.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Brigade guns give you freedom to camp.

The Great Wall Gun is committed to building a full-scene pickup truck life, and to achieve the full scene, it needs targeted deep modification. For consumers who yearn for a natural life, while retaining most functions of the RV, the RV gun makes full use of the body space to ensure the simplicity of the vehicle shape, portability and good passability, and has sufficient storage space and fully functional camping equipment.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The traveling gun adopts the space expansion design, and the bed on the side adopts the cable-stayed structure, so that the bed can be raised and retracted into the carriage during driving. The roof adopts lifting structure, which lowers the roof when driving, reducing the height of the car body and reducing wind resistance; Raise when parking, strengthen ventilation and lighting, improve comfort, so that users can stay in the camp at any time during the journey and enjoy the natural scenery.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Legal towing of towed guns is more casual.

Long-distance travel, in addition to food and shelter, but also have fun, many consumers will drag yachts, motorcycles, RV travel. The towing quality of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is 2.5 tons, and it has a towing notice, which can be legally towed on the road; Optional rear traction device+electric outlet in trailer area to meet various towing requirements.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The towed gun has 11 unique off-road equipment with fever level, 7 all-terrain driving modes, three locks, tank U-turn, Bailuchi tires, crawling mode, winch, wading throat, nitrogen shock absorption, off-road expert mode, multi-link and off-road information display, etc., which can easily be used for dragging and other tasks.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.



How many wild fishing guns can be used without worrying?

There is a huge group of outdoor enthusiasts, who often set out with fishing rods, buckets and nets, looking for them in inaccessible mountains and lakes. This is fishing enthusiasts. Their demand for pickups is that they can cross-country, drag, wade and store, and the Great Wall gun cross-country pickups are all satisfied.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The wild fishing gun converts the container into a pulley drawer-type partition storage bin, which can classify fishing gear and fish and bid farewell to fishing line entanglement and mud-water cross-flow; Full-coverage gantry, set up a large number of expansion fixed points, and place fishing rods, shovels and other items in different categories; In addition, the frame of the gantry extends all the way to the roof, and outdoor equipment with large size such as kayaking can be placed above the gantry through fixed components.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Different from the traditional side-opening side curtain, the side curtain of Australian rhinoceros used in the wild fishing version can be unfolded at 270 degrees, providing a larger covering area.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Coffee cannon, starting a business, getting rich, assisting god

Pickup truck users have diverse needs. While enjoying life, they are also working hard for their dreams. The coffee-themed car modified by the Great Wall Artillery commercial pickup truck is built for this group of people.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The telescopic fixed coffee console is easy to operate, coffee machines, bean grinders and other coffee utensils are readily available, the flip coffee bar is exquisitely designed and easy to display, and the advertising price board is installed in a proper position, which is beautiful and elegant. Considering customers’ demand for "coffee time", the Great Wall Cannon coffee theme car is equipped with retractable sunshade and outdoor table, which is convenient for customers to relax while drinking coffee.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Mobile coffee carts bring flexibility in doing business, but it is not easy to carry coffee utensils, tables and chairs around. Considering the storage demand, the Great Wall Gun Coffee Theme Car is equipped with a telescopic storage cabinet for placing coffee utensils and other items, and the folding table, seat and sunshade also have corresponding storage positions, which is convenient to operate and saves time and effort.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Reliable comrade-in-arms of the rescue gun retrograde warrior

Enjoy life at ordinary times and come forward at critical moments. As a leader of independent brands, Great Wall Gun has developed rescue guns for medical, fire fighting, communication, outdoor and other rescue scenes with a high sense of responsibility and using product advantages.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The rescue gun was modified based on the commercial pickup truck of Great Wall Gun, and the cargo box was changed into a rescue mobile warehouse, equipped with professional rescue equipment such as generators, lifebuoys, demolition machines, medical boxes, stretchers and oxygen tanks. The whole vehicle is equipped with rescue equipment such as car radio, long-distance telescopic antenna (relay antenna) and climbing ladder.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The chassis suspension is raised and the passability is strengthened, which can cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions and ensure that it can reach the rescue site as quickly as possible. In the future, Great Wall Gun, which has reached a strategic cooperation with Blue Sky Rescue Team, will launch a customized model for Blue Sky Rescue to provide professional rescue vehicles with more professional, off-road capability, better loading capacity and comfort for registered members of Blue Sky Rescue.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Nowadays, on the basis of successfully developing the three sub-categories of passenger, commercial and off-road markets, Great Wall Gun has expanded N-type modified vehicles to form a 3+N pattern, and has used unlimited modification to meet the diversified needs of users in all directions. In the future, the Great Wall Gun will also launch more abundant, better quality and more targeted modified models to satisfy all your imaginations of pickup trucks!

Why is predecessor 4, which more than 2.9 million people want to see, far ahead?

Special feature of 1905 film network "Ex" is always an eternal topic. I believe that there is always a song belonging to it in many people’s song lists. Fish LeongI sang, "This moment suddenly feels so familiar/like it was being shown at the same time yesterday and today/my tone turned out to be like you/not the evidence that we loved";JJ LinSing "ex" as, "Don’t tell her/I still miss her/It’s easier to let go of hate than love. When tears block your chest/Let silence/take the place of all answers".

In the New Year’s Eve of 2017-18, a film "Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" set off the market, and a film "Decent" made the story of Meng Yun (Han Geng) and Jia Lin (Kelly) a "difficult story" for many viewers. The lyrics "Breaking up should be decent/no one should say sorry/no debt/I dare to break my heart", which brings their final separation out of a new emotional point.

The story of the two people has regrets, or is unfinished, and almost everyone is looking forward to it. So what will happen next?selfEx-4: Early Marriage(hereinafter referred to as "predecessor 4") Since the official announcement, the number of people who want to see is far ahead, and it has exceeded one million on both platforms.Only after this "decent farewell" with my predecessor, the story went to "early marriage".

Before talking about "predecessor 4", we still need to understand why the "predecessor" series can last for a long time.

Looking back at the film history of China, few love movies IP have the opportunity to shoot three or more cases like the "predecessor" series. To a great extent, the popularity of the "Ex" series is due to the seemingly dramatic conflict of story lines, which can also make some viewers empathize and express their emotions.

The sense of reality under the drama comes from the fact that when director Yu-sheng Tian created this series, he took materials from life, recorded the emotional stories of friends around him, and then refined them.

As the creator grows older, the story slowly begins to enter a new link — — Marriage.Just like vice president of China Film Directors Association, famous producer, screenwriter and planner.Wang HongweiAfter the screening interview, it was said that "Previous 4" would be different from the past three films, and it was obvious that director Yu-sheng Tian had grown up to understand emotions.

It is true that when filming "Ex 4", director Yu-sheng Tian and starring Han Geng and Ryan all entered a new stage in their emotional life. Looking back at the lines of the past three films, Yu-sheng Tian even lamented that "I can’t write it now, which is a documentary reflection of that age".

The same is true for the audience of the "predecessor" series. After ten years, from the student days of that year, or just entering the society, most of them are now facing marriage and the "daily necessities" after marriage.

Under the eternal topic of "marriage", "Former 4" explores the more detailed key point — — Facing marriage with blind date (Meng Yun) and the "marriage cooling-off period" for couples to welcome marriage (Yu Fei) — — One of their core topics is the habit in emotion.

Meng Yunhe and Yu Fei (Ryan) are just like "two sides of one body" for habit.How many people, like Meng Yun, have had a vigorous emotional experience even if they don’t have the "supreme treasure" emotional expression. This experience has also become the key to making it difficult to cross yourself and start a new relationship. In today’s words, it is "sequela of breakup" — — Afraid of starting a new relationship, insecure about feelings, afraid of loneliness and getting along, afraid to try and touch.

In this state, many people are used to living alone, and the so-called "loneliness rating test" items on the Internet are no longer important, just as the lines in the movie say, "When you find that eating, watching movies, exercising and going to the supermarket can be done by yourself, you will gradually get used to this kind of loneliness."

Often at this time, parents will be more anxious and start the marriage promotion mode.From rejection to acceptance, young people now have their own understanding of blind date, from relatives to members who are willing to recharge their dating software — — At least for them, even if it is not for the purpose of marriage and love, it can become another new social possibility in this fast-paced life.

The description of the details in Ex-4 is extremely ingenious, which blends into feelings and is higher than reality, and skillfully handles the interpersonal relationship of contemporary young people in blind date. This subtle reality is interesting, and even echoes the "predecessor table" at the beginning of "predecessor raiders" (2014).

Of course, some people naturally expect to meet "soulmate" on blind date.Meng Yun’s blind date was not smooth until he met a lawyer, willow (Cya Liu Play) — — The opening does not have a strong purpose, but the humorous opening becomes a plus item. Getting along with each other is like entering the slow pace of student days, watching the stars. At this time, the movie offers another golden sentence, "People with single beliefs are more likely to meet soul mates, and such people treat their feelings more purely."

It’s just that compared with willow’s bravery, Meng Yun has become more embarrassed. He will write an article about "being used to being alone", but as Zi Wang (Romeo) said, "You are not used to being alone, but afraid of changing the present."

Sometimes, this change is "suffocating". Even if they are on the same frequency, a person begins to appear in life, which may change the pace of life, and the spread from point to point seems to have a lot of constraints.

This is not only Meng Yun’s mentality when facing willow, but also the problem that Yu Fei faces when getting along with Xiaodian (Mengxue Zeng).

Compared with Meng Yun’s twisted personality, Yu Fei is more straightforward in getting along with Tiny Point. A "Confession Bureau" in "Former 3" shows that this group of young people are calm and comfortable with their feelings, not binding each other, but also giving themselves space. Only when it comes to "Ex 4", when Yu Fei proposes "marriage", will he be worried that he can really enter the marriage state smoothly?

They continued all the styles in their previous relationship, carried out honesty to the end, and started the "marriage cooling-off period".

When a person starts to live in a house, it is necessary to share the whole wardrobe, even all the accommodation in the house, and there will be objects different from the decoration style, but this is the "tolerance" and "tolerance" faced by getting along. It’s just that this tolerance is a little more competitive, and both of us want to go to a better state and give each other a sense of security.

The original intention of each other is pure, just a buffer for emotional progress.This anxiety about marriage is just another emotion of young people nowadays — — Worried about divorce. Therefore, Yu Fei and Xiaodian constantly use the "confession bureau" to correct the trajectory of two people, but marriage is no more than love. At the same time, it is more like a game of "two people and three feet", acting in tandem to balance the pace of two people.

As Tong Liya said after the premiere of Ex-4, "Everyone should think about how to get into a marriage, and then how to go on well in the marriage."

So, did Meng Yun and Yu Fei give the answer at the end of the movie?It can only be said that "Ex 4" gives an emotional answer that belongs to the two of them at the moment. But at least the film cuts to the current urban youth’s attitude towards emotion, facing and even reflecting. As for what the final answer will be, it seems that it belongs to them.This is also one of the most attractive places in the "predecessor" series.

From "Previous Raiders" to "Previous 4", the development of the plot will have an ending and a conclusion, but the feelings will not.

The creative team is also keen on the observation of emotions. He did not instill these contents into the audience very boring, nor did he attempt to preach the truth. Instead, he opened them in a comedy way, but always when he was caught off guard, the tears of the audience came down.

It may just be the emotional white paper of urban youth. Every story is innovating, and emotions are close to the times, looking for resonance.

In 2014, the "Previous Raiders" made the issue of "predecessor" no longer heavy; In 2015, "Ex 2" let everyone face love seriously and feel the two-way love; In 2017, "Ex 3" left his dignity in the breakup; In 2023, "Ex 4" turned decency into a "goodbye" of Jia Lin, but left love to the habit and still had to learn to "let go".

The "Ex" series also seems to create a state of love for the audience. Laughter when in love and tears when breaking up can be experienced in an immersive way. By the time of "Previous 4", this experience had a diversified interpretation.

Everyone will also be curious, will there be a follow-up story in the "predecessor" series?

As Yu-sheng Tian said, more life experiences are needed. After all, the stories of the "Ex" series have been hidden in the reality of laughter and tears.

Long-term strategic achievements began to show that Great Wall Motor sold more than 860,000 vehicles in the first three quarters, achieving a step-by-step growth.

Transfer from: China Business Network.

Our reporter Yin Limei Tong Haihua reports from Beijing.

(601633.SH) In September this year, it sold 121,600 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 29.89%. From January to September this year, it sold a total of 864,000 new cars. On the evening of October 8, Great Wall Motor disclosed the above data.

"China Business News" reporter noted that the sales volume of Great Wall Motor in the first three quarters of 2023 "jumped three times in a row", achieving a step-by-step growth. In the first quarter, Great Wall Motor sold 220,000 vehicles; In the second quarter, the sales volume was 299,300 vehicles, an increase of 36.05% from the previous quarter; In the third quarter, the sales volume reached 344,800 vehicles, an increase of 15.22% from the previous quarter.

New energy vehicles play an increasingly important role in the annual sales of car companies. In the first three quarters of this year, Great Wall Motor sold a total of 170,300 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 75.77%; In the first, second and third quarters, the sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 12.64%, 21.86% and 22.37% respectively, showing a trend of increasing quarter by quarter. This shows that the long-term strategic achievements of Great Wall Motor have begun to appear.

Previously, Feng Mu, president of Great Wall Motor, told reporters that new energy vehicles have reached a critical juncture, and the bloodletting price war is definitely not a long-term solution. Only by persisting in long-term doctrine and making the system have the ability to make blood, can enterprises go further.

The reporter also noted that thanks to the intelligent new energy development strategy, the pace of Great Wall Motor’s overseas ecological going to sea has accelerated, and at the same time, high-end models have continued to grow, and Great Wall Motor’s product matrix has formed a structural high-quality development. From January to September, the total export volume of Great Wall Motor reached 211,700 vehicles, up 89.45% year-on-year; The sales volume of vehicles above 150,000 yuan reached 179,700 vehicles, up 98.49% year-on-year, and the brand continued to improve. In the first, second and third quarters, the overseas sales of Great Wall Motor accounted for 23.63%, 24.04% and 25.45% respectively, and the proportion continued to grow.

It can be seen that with the adjustment and upgrading of product structure, star models have been listed one after another, the sales channel network has been accelerated, and the global layout has been deepened. Great Wall Motor has pressed the development acceleration button.

In the third quarter, the top five brands were "all red"

Specifically, the Haval brand sold 73,800 vehicles in September, a year-on-year increase of 37%; Under the strategic blessing of intelligent new energy, Haval sold 203,300 new cars in the third quarter, an increase of 22% from the previous quarter. In the third quarter, the Haval brand launched its efforts in the off-road field, and successively released 2024 Haval Big Dogs and the new Haval H5, a large-scale all-purpose hard-core SUV. The Haval Raptors, a new energy off-road popularization, will also be listed on October 10, leading the new energy off-road SUV to enter the era of the whole people.

Weipai New Energy sold 14,800 vehicles in the third quarter. Since the launch of the six-seat comfortable electric SUV Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV, the popularity has continued to rise, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 24,000 vehicles. During the Chengdu Auto Show, Wei Gaoshan DHT-PHEV officially opened the reservation and will be listed in the near future. In terms of terminal ecology, Weipai currently has 285 terminal stores, including 167 brand-new image stores, and has accelerated the construction of a multi-level sales service network including 4S stores, city exhibition halls and supermarkets, and continuously deepened the pace of high-end development of Weipai.

The Euler brand sold 10,000 vehicles in September, up 31.77% year-on-year, and sold over 10,000 vehicles for five consecutive months, leading the way in the new energy women-friendly subdivision track. In the third quarter, the Euler brand ushered in 400,000 off-line vehicles, officially becoming the first female new energy vehicle brand in the world to break through 400,000 vehicles. In the third quarter, the Euler brand also released the 2023 Euler Ballet Cat, the 2023 Good Cat and the Good Cat GT Mulan Edition, creating a better travel experience for users with the continuous renewal of product quality and service ecology.

Tank brands sold a total of 18,000 vehicles in September, a year-on-year increase of 43.15%. With the blessing of medium and large luxury off-road new energy SUV tank 500 Hi4-T and 2024 tank 300, the tank sold 104,500 vehicles from January to September, up 17.22% year-on-year. At the same time, the tank brand achieved sales of 300,000 vehicles in only 33 months, setting a record for China off-road brands to achieve sales of 300,000 vehicles at the fastest time, ranking first in the sales list of off-road SUVs in China market. In addition, the second model based on the Hi4-T architecture, the medium and large-scale urban function off-road SUV tank 400 Hi4-T, was launched on September 25th to meet the needs of users for urban and off-road vehicles.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 17,200 vehicles in September, and accumulated sales of 152,700 vehicles from January to September, up 6.5% year-on-year. From January to September, the domestic market share of the Great Wall pickup truck was close to 50%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one was the Great Wall pickup truck. Great Wall Gun sold 12,200 vehicles in September, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 vehicles in 37 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales in China. In the third quarter, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Great Wall Gun brand, the 500,000th vehicle was officially rolled off the assembly line, becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 500,000 vehicles, creating a new "Great Wall Gun Speed". Shanhai Gun Performance Edition, a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck owned by Great Wall Gun, will be pre-sold nationwide in mid-October after welcoming the world’s first show at Chengdu Auto Show.

The reporter is concerned that with the continuous efforts in the intelligent new energy track, the terminal channels of Great Wall Motor have developed rapidly, and its new energy terminals have reached 156 in August, and it is expected to grow to 1,200 during the year. The three major measures of matrix rejuvenation, channel expansion and service upgrade have worked together, and Great Wall Motor’s intelligent new energy has entered a period of rapid development.

Globalization has entered the era of "One Great Wall"

Overseas business is becoming an important part of car companies’ sales business. In the third quarter, Great Wall Motor sold 87,800 vehicles overseas, an increase of 21.97% from the previous month, accounting for 25.45% of the sales volume. From January to September, Great Wall Motor sold 211,700 vehicles overseas, up 89.45% year-on-year.

"While the sales volume of Great Wall Motor has steadily increased, it has focused on ‘(ONE GWM’ and implemented the strategy of’ Eco-going to Sea’ to achieve accelerated development overseas." Great Wall Motor said.

At the end of 2022, Great Wall Motor officially announced the "ONE GWM" global action plan, creating an aggregation channel with GWM parent brand as the leading category, and working together to achieve brand promotion. At this stage, the localization operation of Great Wall Motor overseas will pay more attention to the improvement of "quality", deepen the connotation of "ecological going out to sea" and create brand advantages.

It is reported that in the third quarter of 2023, Great Wall Motor accelerated the expansion of the international influence of the "GWM" brand. In August, Great Wall Motor successively released the "GWM" brand in Vietnam and Indonesia, realizing the comprehensive coverage of the core regional markets of ASEAN countries. In Latin America, the launch conference of GWM brand of Great Wall Motor and Haval H6 HEV was held in Mexico City, Mexico, marking the official entry of Great Wall Motor into the Mexican market.

In the era of "One Great Wall", Great Wall Motor adheres to the core of "intelligent new energy", and intelligent new energy technologies and products have become the key factors to promote the acceleration of going to sea.

The reporter learned that the five brands of Great Wall Motor have all gone to sea, and high-value intelligent new energy products such as Haval H6 New Energy, Tank 500 New Energy, Euler Good Cat and Wei Mocha PHEV are being accelerated to be put into overseas markets. Advanced new energy and intelligent technologies, such as Hi4, Hi4-T, autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, will continue to make technical endorsements for the global models of Great Wall Motor.

It is reported that Haval H6, Haval JOLION, Haval Big Dog, Euler Good Cat, Tank 300, Great Wall Gun and other models have been listed in Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil and other places.

At the same time, Great Wall Motor is also exporting high-end products to overseas markets. The Great Wall Motor Tank 500 has been listed in the Middle East market in succession in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. In addition, in Central Asia, the listing of Tank 500 was held in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. In the ASEAN market, Tanks 300 and 500 are officially listed in Thailand.

Great Wall Motor’s vision is not only to launch products to overseas markets, but to practice the strategy of "going out to sea ecologically" and take root in overseas localization operations. Great Wall Motor has taken production and R&D abroad through the investment in overseas factories, improved the training and accumulation of local talents, and formed an all-round construction of overseas ecological and industrial chain.

At present, Great Wall Motor has formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ADM Automobile Factory of Uzbekistan Automobile Group on Uzbekistan’s market development cooperation, further accelerating the process of overseas localized production and sales of Great Wall Motor.

"In the future, with the outstanding achievements of Great Wall Motor’s intelligent new energy layout, Great Wall Motor will continue to accelerate the rejuvenation of intelligent new energy products with profound technical accumulation, continuously enhance the development potential of intelligent new energy, promote the upgrading of terminal services, accelerate the landing of the’ ecological sea-going’ model overseas, and push the development of enterprises to a new height." Great Wall Motor said.

(Editor: Zhang Shuo Proofreading: Yan Jingning)

Can the sub-class economy achieve new opportunities from the beginning of the child, and then become a dating software?

Original Wang Yingli Kuaiwan Thinking

Tips: This article is about 3,620 words, and it takes 10 minutes to burn your brain. Wang Yingli, a journalist who plays chopsticks, sent it in Beijing.

Carpooling, maps, group buying, take-away, e-commerce, chatting, learning, games, music, reading, payment … Any new thing, if it can become the living habit of most people, will create a new platform opportunity.

Whether the catering and catering economy can become new platform opportunities depends on the flow, irreplaceable demand, capital operation and liquidity, etc. From the perspective of applet and App, the sub-category application did have corresponding platform construction earlier.

Previously, in the article "",some fans left a message that the economy will probably deteriorate in the end.

In fact, from the perspective of apps such as partners and rice friends, they have indeed become chat and dating software in the name of (rice) partners.

Chopsticks Playing Thinking ( This article analyzes whether the (rice) partner can become a platform opportunity, but also needs to consider the practical problems. Why does the (rice) partner App deteriorate in the end?

Why do young people need partners?

Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, Weibo and other platforms have millions and tens of millions of traffic about the content and topics of the partner, and the highest even reaches tens of billions of broadcasts. Young people’s main demand for partners is diet, and rice partners are the most common combination. However, no matter whether they are qualified partners or normal modern people, anyone’s demand is not limited to eating, except diet, travel, script killing, swimming, fitness, reading, and even fishing at work, it can be said that everything can be built.

Don’t think that it’s just young people who are keen on taking partners. According to the 2023 Social Research Report on Taking Partners, the number one job is civil servants, as well as retired people and students at school. Taking partners is not only for young people, but also for office workers and silver-haired people.

Interestingly, the report data shows that women need partners more than men, and it can even be said that partners are dominated by women’s economy.

The author has previously gone deep into the rice partner group and experienced four facts:

1) Partners are not only single people, but also couples and married people have additional needs, such as attending multi-person dinners and script killings.

2) Partner is not only a hobby to push, but some people look for partners just for curiosity or to pass the time.

3), partners are not to make friends, some partners are to have no human burden when having fun, and in group chat, the habit of not adding is set for most partners. For example, some couples traveled by car together for seven days, and when they came back, they not only didn’t know each other’s names (communicated by their net names), but even didn’t add WeChat (had group chats), focusing on a chance meeting, but the origin was together and the fate was separated.

4) You don’t have to meet each other. It’s also a sub-category game to supervise each other’s fitness and eating in the group.

From a realistic point of view, the partners’ interests are very strange. Some of them ask each other for self-study, walk the dog, stay in a daze, Pinduoduo cut a knife, or a few introverted people go out to walk in the street together. Even many couples have half-price meals and second cups. The partners only talk about companionship and AA system, and don’t talk about feelings at all.

Judging from the Baidu index chart, contemporary people’s demand for activities is stronger than that for parties and socializing, and the index of parties and activities has been rising for a long time (just to play for fun, not to play for socializing). For the behavior of partners, it emphasizes activities, but it is also related to parties and socializing.

Hidden above the activities is the great boredom and loneliness of contemporary people. Interestingly, contemporary people have no time to be sad. They prefer happiness. How can they pursue happiness? It seems that making friends is a broad solution. From this point of view, it is not surprising that some subclassing apps will become dating software.

Judging from the deteriorated sub-category App, if it is put into the social field, it is not cost-effective. Obviously, it is a new demand, but it must be close to a broken Red Sea.

Dating apps can’t solve the needs of partners.

Most dating software is actually feminine logic. In the conventional communication relationship, there is only one payer, which is contrary to the logic of partner AA. In other words, if we return to the traditional logic of making friends, the partner relationship will not exist.

In the previous article about the partner, some fans pointed out that the landing of the partner is actually that the active payer stops playing and returns to please himself from pleasing others. Not only men, but also women don’t like the traditional relationship. The traditional relationship is that whoever initiates pays the bill. If it is a high-quality relationship, rushing to settle the bill at checkout will also make the sponsors feel indebted, while if they are fair-weather friends, it will hurt their wallets too much.

Based on the dissatisfaction with the traditional relationship, this is the friendship between children. Everyone doesn’t need to invest in feelings, just enjoy the activity itself, and AA is enough when checking out. Everyone doesn’t care about each other and doesn’t owe anyone.

In dating software, it becomes: I pursue you, you accompany me, and I pay for your company. Reality has also proved that this kind of communication relationship can’t actually solve the spiritual emptiness and loneliness of contemporary people. Contemporary people have turned from emotional bondage to short and ruthless trading needs, returning to the basics of activities, playing together, and then paying their own bills and returning to their homes for happiness.

The original intention of the partner is not only to solve the financial problem, but also to lift the human bond. In the survey, the partner’s needs include helping Pinduoduo cut a knife, and also collecting orders and doing tasks. However, for such needs, most acquaintances will feel that the other party does not respect themselves. If they are partners, there is no such psychological burden at all. The partners of migrant workers also carry the burden on each other, fish together, skip work together, etc. Acquaintances will only refuse and dissuade them, and only partners will accompany them and do not need to return.

From this point of view, the friendship between children and traditional friends is almost a completely different track. What is needed to build a sub-category App is anti-traditional social gameplay, and all social apps can’t keep the real children.

Why can’t I do a subclass App?

The partner has no feelings and does not rely on his face.

There is such a case. In a boarding group, a boarding friend asked for a photo of the boarding partner before going out for a drink, and was finally kicked out of the group by the group owner, because such people need a group of friends, not a boarding group.

On WeChat, Julang creatively developed the "nearby partner" applet, ranging from rice partner, travel partner, street vendor to movie partner. The applet is also divided into Beijing partner, Inner Mongolia partner and Guangdong partner by region, among which game partner, travel partner and dinner partner are the most common, and the reading of a single message is around 5,000-20,000, but it may be too scattered and other reasons.

Perhaps it is true that the traffic on the sub-platform is insufficient. Some apps that were also serious about making partners earlier have transformed to make friends. At this point, the fact is probably that they have given up the business of building sub-category apps.

Judging from the total annihilation of App applications and the desolation of small programs, the demand for partners may not really support a single platform.

The rise and fall of economic behavior actually depends on the change of economic value, and perhaps the fact is that it is difficult to realize the positive realization of the economy.

1) Demand satisfaction is complicated, and ruthlessness is universal.

The partner’s age span is relatively large. From the post-80s to the post-00s, some people are old and naughty, and some are young and mature, such as reading partners to form a reading club. The sources of such channels include Douban, Little Red Book, Weibo, Tik Tok and acquaintances. The needs of the partners are precise and ruthless. After investigation, many partners will immediately uninstall the Douban App after they find an organization in Douban, including the 50-year-old uncle who is looking for a fishing partner in Xiaohongshu. As long as he enters the fishing group, the uncle will change hands with Xiaohongshu. It is an unloading.

Young people will also find partners from digital apps such as Cool ‘an. It is normal that cool friends can’t find people for ten days after they pay attention. The friendship of the people in the new era is that everyone doesn’t invest their feelings in it, and their interests come online. Bye-bye.

2) The commercial dilemma that cannot be ignored

Tik Tok, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douban, Kuan, WeChat and other platforms are all faintly visible. It is really difficult to make money from the partner.

Even if it is a group purchase, people used to buy coupons from platforms such as Tik Tok, Word of Mouth, Public Comment, Meituan, etc. In the past, partners found that there were almost no good things in the packages of merchants, which made their consumption tendency basically go to the store, which was beneficial to the entity business but not to the platform.

Some partners have also found that the prices of group purchase packages on many platforms are the same as the actual prices of stores, which also leads customers to get used to paying in stores. I don’t know if this is a cautious move or a helpless move (generally beneficial to businesses).

It seems that the traffic of the partner is just a formality. If the platform wants to make money on the partner, the past business model is almost completely ineffective.

To realize the value of partners, we must reconstruct our thinking.

Can a partner really fail to do a business? Or, can partners really not bring value to capital or brands? That’s not the case.

1), community reconstruction

Partners can be used by businesses, at least to empower the community.

In the past, the community was coupon thinking, and it was the logic of issuing coupons and asking customers to spend. With the passage of time, most of them have become dead groups. In some couples’ dry meals, the chatting energy of strangers is indeed the most abundant. By changing their thinking, bosses can join the partners’ community and spontaneously form a team to win customers for the brand, which requires neither discounts nor group purchases, and does not need to pay new drainage fees.

Bosses can also help partners launch activities and help partners recruit new partners. These are all ways to realize the flow of partners.

In the brand group, there was always the only brand in the past. For example, all the brands in the group talked about the same brand, which is also the reason why the brand group will eventually be silent. In the chopsticks thinking, bosses can initiate a partner alliance, such as multi-restaurants × swimming and fitness × camping brands × parent-child activities, etc., through multi-brand alliances, which is a way to revitalize traffic and can also form a brand consumption cluster.

2), functional reconstruction

It’s difficult to build a single platform, so it’s probably a good idea to embed the old platform to make the platform functional. For example, the four functions of comments are punching in, taking videos, sending photos and writing comments. In fact, a team function can be added to initiate the platform. When several people meet at the store for dinner, they can pay a deposit first and spend it at the store, which can not only bring new passengers to the store, but also facilitate the communication of the platform.

Compared with rebuilding the sub-platform, embedding the old platform and functionalizing it will be more efficient and practical.

In summary, it can be seen that the sub-category economy is not without economic value and flow play, but now most of them use traditional business models to deal with new play, and the failure of running-in naturally fails to see the value.

As for the partner economy, this article does not discuss and judge it too deeply. Partner is like a new business opportunity rising in Ran Ran, which is not only a new social problem, but also a new demand of social people. Only by paying attention to it can we gain benefits from it.

Original title: "Starting from a partner and then becoming a dating software, can the sub-category economy achieve new opportunities?" 》

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The disputes are rising year by year. Why are online celebrity amusement projects so troublesome?

  Because of its sports, fun and fashion, in recent years, emerging amusement projects such as rock climbing, trampoline, bridge swinging, equestrian and bungee jumping are popular among young people and even children, but their safety risks cannot be ignored. On August 31st, in order to promote the health of the emerging amusement industry, Beijing Shunyi Court made a summary of the legal risks reflected in the disputes involving emerging amusement projects, and made suggestions to consumers, operators and relevant departments.

  Typical case

  Injury while playing trampoline was not treated in time.

  Be diagnosed with grade 10 disability

  A total of five people from Yan and his friends went to play in a trampoline park run by an ecological farm in Beijing. Before entering, Zou and others signed the "Notice of Exemption for Admission Safety".

  Yan said that it was his first time to play trampoline on the day of the incident. When he entered the venue, no staff told him which areas were advanced and which areas were primary. During the playing process, no staff gave him guidance. He was injured while doing somersault in the white area, and then he did not report his discomfort to the staff. The staff did not give him first aid or take corresponding medical measures. He did not go to the hospital in time because he did not expect to be so seriously injured at that time. Finally, the hospital diagnosed it as a burst fracture of thoracic vertebra 12 and a spinous process fracture of thoracic vertebra 11. After identification, Zou constituted a level 10 disability.

  In the end, the court found that Yan was responsible for 80%, and the operator was responsible for 20%, and compensated Yan for personal injury losses of more than 60,000 yuan.

  Coincidentally, when Ms. Xu, a citizen of Beijing, was playing on the Huangqiao Bridge in online celebrity, a water park in Shunyi, Beijing, many tourists accidentally fell into the water, and the pool was too shallow and lacked protective measures, which caused her calcaneal fracture, which was a grade 10 disability. Ms. Xu sued a company that managed it. On July 21 this year, Beijing Shunyi Court ordered a company to compensate Ms. Xu for medical expenses, nursing expenses, lost time and mental damages totaling 175,385.55 yuan.

  In this regard, Liu Hongyan, president of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, said that most of the emerging amusement projects have evolved from professional sports and there are great security risks. Liu Hong Yan said that due to reasons such as low industry entry threshold, inadequate safety tips, and insufficient personnel and equipment protection, safety incidents caused by emerging amusement projects frequently occur, and such disputes are also on the rise year by year. In 2019 alone, Beijing courts accepted 67 such cases.

  "It is worth noting that the injuries of the injured in such cases are mostly serious, and the rate of identification as disability is large, which has caused heavy trauma to both the injured and the operators."

  Risk warning

  Emerging amusement projects have low barriers to entry.

  Lack of industry standards

  At present, places such as trampoline hall, rock climbing hall, partying hall and water park, which are engaged in new amusement projects, are not professional sports venues, and the state has no specific qualification requirements for their operators, and there are also no unified standards and requirements for their market access conditions, venue specifications, amusement facilities, staffing and management level. Operators only need to obtain industrial and commercial business licenses to operate.

  In addition, the key hardware facilities and safety equipment in the business premises, such as the location requirements, instructions for use, the number of people and the weight of climbing ropes, lack clear specifications and standards, and most of them are purchased or built by operators themselves, and there is no need to go through relevant inspections before they are put into operation.

  The rules of the game are unclear and the industry supervision is absent. Whether trampoline and other emerging sports have relatively uniform rules and action standards is not fully understood by the general public and players, and the relevant industry departments have not formulated and popularized the rules and precautions of this kind of amusement projects, especially for the players’ own physical requirements, the formulation of rules and the maintenance of game order.

  In addition, there is also a lack of corresponding supervision over the operators and business premises that operate the above amusement projects. Whether the first-aid drugs, first-aid personnel and measures in the business premises are fully prepared, and whether there are corresponding penalties for operators who have safety accidents, etc., there is still a lack of industry guidance and supervision for emerging amusement projects.

  Insufficient safety tips in business premises and abuse of exemption clauses. Before tourists enter the business site and prepare to play, most operators do not fulfill their full obligation to inform and prompt, so that players can fully understand the safety risks of the projects they want to play, and then make correct choices and decisions based on their own physical fitness.

  Uneven staffing and lack of safety guidance. Although emerging amusement projects belong to amusement projects, they are professional and dangerous. However, some operators are not equipped with professionals to save costs, so players can’t ask for help in time when they encounter problems.

  Consumers’ lack of risk awareness and violation of safety tips. Some consumers do not know enough about the risks that emerging amusement projects may bring, blindly pursue excitement, and imitate difficult movements without professional training and guidance. In addition, some consumers lack sufficient experience and skills to deal with emergencies, and often panic and mishandle them.

  The judge suggested

  Consumers carefully and rationally choose play items.

  Regulatory authorities improve industry norms

  In view of the above risks, Tu Lin, a judge of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, made corresponding suggestions to the players, operators and relevant departments.

  Players improve their awareness of risk prevention and choose their play items carefully and rationally. Taking into account the existence of normal risk factors in sports activities, Article 1176 of the Civil Code promulgated this year stipulates that "the victim may not ask other participants to bear tort liability if they voluntarily participate in cultural and sports activities with certain risks and are damaged by the actions of other participants; However, unless other participants have intentional or gross negligence in the occurrence of damage. " Based on the risk-taking principle, the following suggestions are put forward for players:

  First, read the risk notice carefully and choose the play items carefully. The second is to follow the rules of the game and never challenge high-risk actions. The third is to seek medical advice in time after the injury and keep the evidence properly.

  The regulatory authorities improve industry norms and strictly supervise and manage.

  First, improve the industry norms and standards of emerging amusement projects, strengthen the qualification review of business entities and employees, formulate production and installation standards for equipment and facilities of high-risk amusement projects, and introduce basic game rules and prohibitions of corresponding amusement projects. The second is to strengthen the law enforcement supervision of industry operators. It is necessary to intensify the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, refine the safety operation standards, strengthen the implementation of standards, increase the administrative management and supervision of the implementation of safety responsibilities of operators, and improve the standard level of workplace safety management. The third is to improve the relief channels. Open telephone complaints, online complaints and other channels for the misconduct of operators, and punish them once they are verified.

  Text/reporter Song Xia