These six products were named on March 15 this year. What time will the live broadcast of the 315 party in 2021 be?

  It’s March 15th again.

  March 15th this year is the first consumer rights day since the 14th Five-Year Plan. Many people are concerned, which enterprises and products will be greatly exposed? Many businesses are worried that their products will be "named"?

  According to the complaints received by the National Consumers Association in 2020 announced by the China Consumers Association, the hot spots of consumer complaints and media attention in the past year should be sorted out, and products in these six fields should be extra careful.


  One is the car.

  Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and other five departments talked about Tesla, involving abnormal acceleration, battery fire, remote vehicle upgrade and other issues.

  Many models of Toyota have problems such as oil increase and oil emulsification. Especially Asian Dragon, the related complaints on the car quality network are more serious.

  In the complaint list of Chezhi. com in 2020, the Volkswagen model headed by sagitar has abnormal gearbox noise and frustration, with 1199 complaints. Among them, it also involves a variety of models such as LaVida and Bora.

  Some local consumers’ associations pointed out that Buick’s complaints among mid-level car joint venture brands are outstanding, followed by Chevrolet and SAIC Volkswagen; Domestic independent brands such as Geely, Roewe and BYD have more complaints; Luxury brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have the highest number of complaints.

  In addition, the car purchase contract is "tricky", the after-sales service is not in place, and the car insurance is bundled, which are also common problems in car consumption complaints.

  The second is live broadcast with goods.

  Low price is the biggest selling point of live broadcast to attract consumers, but it is also mixed. Some live broadcast rooms also gather many consumption traps such as counterfeiting, exaggeration, wrong goods and poor after-sales.

  The problems of live broadcast with goods include old problems such as poor quality, false propaganda, and inadequate after-sales, as well as new problems such as fraud by public figures with goods, traffic fraud, and false reports. Although Tmall, JD.COM and other shopping platforms are increasingly cracking down on swiping bills, it is not difficult to find traffic dealers on the Internet, and even you can find sellers by directly entering keywords such as "pink" and "live traffic" on some websites.

  The third is short video.

  Short video platform has become the main channel for consumers to browse and share information, but the low-cost experience released by enterprises through short video may be a trap. Some college students complained that they saw that "Yanyu Oriental Costume Photography" had an experience activity of 19.9 yuan through the short video platform. After the actual registration, the studio staff constantly induced them to upgrade their services, and finally the accumulated service fee was as high as 20,000 yuan. The Consumer Protection Committee found that the trap of low-cost experience is more in the service fields such as photography and moving.

  The fourth is the network car.

  Not long ago, a 23-year-old woman in Changsha jumped out of the window and died. The Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau interviewed the cargo girl twice. On March 11th, Cargo Lala announced the on-line recording function, trial operation of on-board equipment and other rectification measures.

  Previously, Didi was also caught in many security incidents. Compared with the management loopholes in previous years, Didi has made many improvements in recent years, but the problems such as "killing big data", "high drawing" and "selling coupons black production chain" are still criticized.

  Fifth, educational institutions.

  Recently, the market supervision departments in many places have issued consumer warnings about carefully choosing education and training institutions.

  A few days ago, five education and training institutions with a large number of complaints and low resolution rate made public exposure. Among them, Yousheng Education was exposed for the seventh time because of running a school without a license, and Jianwei Education and Yi Xiao Education were exposed for the sixth time and the fourth time respectively.

  The sixth is mobile phone software.

  Over the past year, the loopholes in mobile phone software have repeatedly triggered public opinion.

  A professor from Fudan University led a team to complete a research report on "mobile phone software taxi" in many cities across the country, saying that taxi software has the phenomenon of "big data killing".

  On March 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "APP Notice on Infringement of Users’ Rights and Interests (the third batch in 2021, the twelfth batch in total)", and 136 apps were notified for infringing users’ rights and interests. Among them, companies such as Tencent, Iflytek and Shengtian Network are involved.

related news

  The "March 15th" party of the Central Radio and Television General Station in 2021 will be broadcast live on CCTV financial channel, CCTV financial client and Yangguang Economic Voice at 8 pm on March 15th. The theme of this "March 15th" party is: boosting consumption starts from the heart.

  China’s economy has gone through an extraordinary year in 2020. In the face of multiple severe impacts such as the sudden COVID-19 epidemic and the deep recession of the world economy, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with the Supreme Leader as the core, people of all ethnic groups throughout the country have worked hard, made significant strategic achievements in epidemic prevention and control, achieved positive economic growth in the only major economies in the world, won a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty, won a decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, and handed over an answer that was satisfactory to the people, attracted worldwide attention and could go down in history. At such a critical moment, consumption is still the mainstay of the national economy. The total retail sales of consumer goods in the whole year was 39,198.1 billion yuan, accounting for 38.6% of the total economic output. Among them, the improvement of consumption order and consumption environment is a remarkable feature. The determination and sincerity of policies and supervision, the conscience and intention of enterprises, and the confidence and reassurance of consumers constitute a benign consumption ecology.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 focused on "boosting consumption from the heart", hoping that through the power of honesty, everyone can live a happier and happier life, steadily improve their consumption capacity, improve the consumption environment, enable residents to consume and be willing to consume, speed up the construction of a modern economic system, smooth the domestic cycle and the domestic and international dual cycle, start the "14th Five-Year Plan" for China’s economy, and contribute to the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way.

  The new development stage, new development concept and new development pattern mean that a new consumption era is coming with the wind. A good new consumption ecology will make everyone enjoy a sense of acquisition, happiness and security more fully, more securely and sustainably, and jointly usher in the spring of growth. The "March 15th" party advocates that every producer, operator, consumer and supervisor should weave the country’s development goals with the people’s simple wishes into a better life.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 was jointly sponsored by the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, National Internet Information Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, National Health and Wellness Commission, State Administration of Market Supervision, National Medical Products Administration, China Consumers Association and CCTV.

Original title: This year’s "March 15th", these six products were named.
Editor in charge: Zheng Lili

Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, Guan Xiaotong, they are the beautiful legs of the entertainment industry Muse

Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, Guan Xiaotong

1905 movie network news The lack of an actress’s aura depends on whether her legs are beautiful or not. As an entertainment industry that never lacks beautiful women, there are not many actresses known as beautiful legs, and recently, Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, and Guan Xiaotong have been praised by netizens as the beautiful legs of the entertainment industry. Muse.


Yang Mi is not afraid of the cold and shows super long legs

Yang Mi beautiful legs

Every time Yang Mi attended an event, it caused a frenzy. Recently, Yang Mi wore a starlight dress to attend a grand event. At that time, the weather was cold and the temperature had reached below zero. However, Da Mimi still wore a metallic slanted shoulder dress despite the cold, showing off snow-white shoulders and slender and slender legs, revealing his good figure.


Li Xirui’s legs are frequently on the hot search and crush the stars

Li Xiqian beautiful legs

As a member of Yang Mi’s general, Li Xirui’s beautiful legs are no more than or even more than the boss Da Mimi. Earlier, with the corner of Xia Qiao in "Beautiful Li Huizhen", Li Xirui’s long legs successfully captured netizens. "Li Xirui’s legs" also once hit the hot search, as long as they were on the same field with her, they were all crushed by her beautiful legs.


Xu Dongdong’s Weibo show of beautiful legs attracts netizens to watch

Xu Dongdong’s beautiful legs

Recently, Xu Dongdong, the national sister-in-law, showed off her beautiful legs on Weibo and wrote: Since I was a child, I was told that my legs are not good-looking, who knows… now I am basking in the sun… I am a lot more confident in my legs… So, I have learned a truth. When others say you are bad, you can bask in whatever you are. Maybe that is what makes you different… Just like when I was growing up, I was always told to be hunched… Now they can only envy me. This article attracted countless netizens to watch, and her beautiful legs have also become a hot topic of discussion among netizens.


Guan Xiaotong’s slender legs are one meter long

Guan Xiaotong beautiful legs

Recently, Guan Xiaotong participated in an event, singing and dancing on the spot, a pair of long legs against the sky amazed the audience, and the beautiful legs were full of talent. It is no wonder that she successfully "captured" Luhan, and the news of Guan Xiaotong’s hot dance has also attracted the attention of many netizens. The child star Guan Xiaotong grew up in the spotlight, and at 1.73 meters, she has a perfect figure. Her fair and slender legs are one meter long.

Unbounded design leads the fashion trend! Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has skyrocketed in popularity and is sold out immediately upon sale

  Recently, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has finally been officially launched. This high-profile Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition mobile phone has quickly become the focus of the market due to its excellent product design advantages. From design craftsmanship to appearance, it shows unparalleled charm and quality, and is loved by many star Internet celebrities. Let’s take a deeper look at this trendsetting mobile phone and explore the beauty of its design.

  The design of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition adopts the Infinite Design unbounded design language, which interprets the aesthetic concept of unbounded design. The front design creates a sense of immersion, while the front and back sides are made of solid Titan glass, which is not only extremely strong, but also improves the anti-drop performance by 4 times, providing users with excellent durability.

  The middle frame is made of ultra-lightweight stainless steel material from the automotive field mixed with steel and aluminum, which not only reduces the weight of the whole machine by 30%, but also improves the heat dissipation efficiency by 40%. The rear camera, on the other hand, abandons the frame design and adopts the crystal dome borderless mirror group. Each lens is inlaid with two pieces of sapphire, which is more forcibly updated and pure.

  In addition, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition shines with its many eye-catching color schemes. Star Black seems to bring users into the universe world of traceless stars, space silver imaginative vast starry sky, nebula green symbolizes the most mysterious nebula above the sky, each color scheme shows a unique personality and charm.

  In terms of screen, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with BOE Q9 OLED flexible straight screen, and the almost borderless design allows users to immerse themselves in the visual unbounded experience. 2K + resolution, 1850nit peak brightness and 10Bit color depth bring more delicate and realistic color performance. At the same time, it supports 1Hz to 120Hz LTPO variable refresh rate and 1920Hz PWM dimming technology for a smoother and more natural display effect.

  In terms of performance, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship platform, equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, providing users with excellent processing speed and storage capacity. The built-in 4800mAh battery meets daily use needs and supports 65W Super mCharge wired overcharge technology, making charging faster and more convenient.

  In addition to its excellent design and powerful performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has also attracted the attention and love of star Internet celebrities. Many well-known stars have shared photos with Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, showing its appearance and fashion sense. This phenomenon further proves the unique charm and attractiveness of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition in appearance.

  What’s more exciting is that the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out quickly in the first sale, demonstrating its high popularity and user recognition. Users have given positive feedback on the product power of the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, which is also a trust and support for the Meizu brand.

  In addition, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition also provides up to 3 years of quality assurance service to provide users with a full range of after-sales protection. At the same time, the mobile phone has also passed the 48-month smooth certification to ensure that users can get a lasting and smooth operation experience during use, free from performance degradation.

  In short, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has won the love of many star Internet celebrities with its excellent design craftsmanship and eye-catching appearance and has achieved great success in the market. Unbounded design language, high-quality materials, excellent screen and powerful performance have made Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition a leader in fashion trends. Whether it is appearance or interior, it has attracted users’ attention with its unique charm and brought them an excellent experience. The news that Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out for the first time is further proof of its excellent quality and market recognition. Whether it is the pursuit of fashion or the pursuit of excellent performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is a good choice.

How to protect supermarket shopping, online car-hailing, and dining out?

  As the resumption of work and production across the country continues to advance in an orderly manner, everyone can’t help but ask in work and life: how to prevent the risk of infection when shopping in supermarkets? When traveling, how to take online taxis and taxis? What protection details should be paid attention to when eating out?… In response to these issues of public concern, the Economic Daily reporter interviewed relevant experts.

  In the season of surprise, the spring is getting stronger. With the return of spring to the earth, the resumption of work and production across the country is carried out in an orderly manner. However, at the moment of the COVID-19 epidemic, how to continue to do a good job of personal protection is still an issue that everyone needs to pay special attention to.

  Keep your distance from shopping and avoid peak crowds

  "When shopping, keep a certain distance from each other, at least one meter or more." Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that in order to meet the daily needs of people, stores and supermarkets have to open their doors. As consumers, they should minimize the frequency of visiting these stores and supermarkets and shorten the time when shopping. In addition to daily shopping, consumers should try to avoid wandering in stores.

  "When shopping, it is very necessary to take good personal protection." Shi Xiaoming, director of the environment institute of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the public should try to avoid the peak traffic of shopping malls and supermarkets when shopping. For example, choose non-weekend hours, or when you just open in the morning, this can reduce the chance of direct contact with other people. In addition, try to avoid taking the box elevator. If you are shopping on a lower floor, it is best to take the stairs. If you are shopping on a higher floor, it is recommended to use the escalator first. If you must take the box elevator, you can wait for the next elevator when there are many people in the elevator, and keep a safe distance from other people when taking the elevator. In addition, wear a mask correctly and do good hand hygiene throughout the journey.

  Open more windows in a taxi and do a good job of hand hygiene

  When traveling for a long distance, how do you take online taxis and taxis? In this regard, Zhang Liubo said that taxis and online taxis have a relatively independent space, and you need to do five things during the ride:

  The first is to ensure that the driver is not infected. A health declaration system can be established to carry out temperature testing; drivers need to wear masks throughout the journey, and often do hand hygiene, which is the most basic requirement. Second, before the vehicle leaves the car every day, door handles, seats, handrails and other places should be cleaned and disinfected. Third, during driving, if conditions permit, windows should be opened as much as possible when the outside temperature is suitable to ensure better air communication. Fourth, before passengers get on the bus, open the door for a minute or two to give the car an opportunity for air exchange. You can also use disinfectant paper towels to wipe and disinfect the positions that may be encountered. Most importantly, passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do hand hygiene after the ride. Fifth, when paying, promote contactless payment.

  Travel remotely, don’t wait too early

  For people who travel remotely by train, plane, and other means of transportation, Zhang Liubo recommends:

  First, you should pay attention to the timetable and not wait too early in crowded areas such as railway stations and terminals. This can not only reduce the density of people in such public places, but also avoid being in a relatively closed environment for a long time. Of course, some transportation departments also have relevant regulations that cannot enter the station 2 hours or 3 hours in advance.

  Second, passengers should take good personal protection when entering the station, wear masks throughout the process, minimize contact with public facilities and public goods, and avoid too much communication with strangers. They should also maintain good hand hygiene as soon as possible.

  The third is to keep quiet and avoid noise when riding these means of transportation. When individuals cough or sneeze, they should pay attention to civilized etiquette, cover their mouths and noses with paper towels or their arms; if they go to the bathroom, they should pay attention to the surfaces of handrails and door handles. Once they come into contact with these items, they should do a good job of hand hygiene in time.

  Fourth, when travel conditions permit, it is best to sit as far away from the seat as possible.

  Eating out, try to pay without contact

  How to take personal protection during restaurant queuing and dining? Zhang Liubo said that during the queuing process, the public should wear masks, reduce language communication, and maintain a certain safe distance from neighboring customers. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or use elbow shielding measures. When picking up meals, individuals should avoid directly touching the surfaces of frequently touched objects with their hands; when paying, they should try to choose electronic payment methods such as QR codes that are not in direct contact, and reduce the use of cash settlement.

  In addition, before eating, individuals should choose tables and chairs with clean surfaces, preferably near doors and windows and other well-ventilated locations. They should pay attention to hand hygiene and wash their hands with hand sanitizer under running water, or disinfect them with disinfectant.

  During the meal, when individuals take off their masks, they must pay attention to keeping the inside of the masks clean to avoid pollution. They should avoid sitting face-to-face, preferably in the same direction, and the distance between them should be more than 1 meter. They should shorten the dining time and reduce the communication between colleagues. If there are many people in the restaurant, packing is a better choice. After the meal, individuals should leave the restaurant immediately to reduce their stay.

  Reduce meetings and increase temperature monitoring

  After the resumption of work, it is inevitable that the company will hold a meeting. During the meeting, local personnel can gather, so it is very important to do a good job in hygiene protection. In this regard, Zhang Liubo has 4 suggestions:

  The first is to ensure the ventilation and ventilation of the conference room; the second is to clean and disinfect the conference room desktops, handles, and floors in a timely manner; the third is to minimize the frequency of meetings, shorten the meeting time, pay attention to the distance between participants, and wear masks; the fourth is that if it can be turned into a network conference, video conference, or WeChat meeting, it is best to use these methods instead.

  For enterprises with employees living in collective dormitories, how to prevent and control the epidemic? Shi Xiaoming suggested that for the personnel living in collective dormitories, daily temperature monitoring should be strengthened, and the body temperature should be checked every time they enter the collective dormitory. This is a universal measure for everyone. Once people with abnormal body temperature are found, they should be immediately transferred to a temporary isolation area and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, dormitories should have windows and regular ventilation. For dormitories without windows, mechanical exhaust equipment such as exhaust fans should be installed; washbasins should be equipped with hand disinfection products and regularly cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the number of people living in collective dormitories should be strictly controlled.

  Public transportation system, increase the frequency of disinfection

  For traveling by public transportation, Zhang Liubo introduced that bus companies should arrange vehicles appropriately according to traffic counting, try to evacuate passenger flow and reduce the congestion of carriages. When conditions permit, vehicles should open windows for ventilation as much as possible during driving, and try to increase the frequency of disinfection while ensuring safety. In addition, passengers, attendants, and drivers should wear masks; passengers should try to keep a certain distance from each other when riding.

  Due to the relatively fixed station of the subway, it is recommended to strengthen personnel guidance and control the number of people entering the station; increase the temperature detection device in the station hall; increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public facilities and public areas to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning in the platform; before each trip, clean and disinfect the interior of the carriage, paying special attention to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system of the carriage; operators, including platform service personnel, should wear masks; make full use of radio, television, posters, and reminders to publicize relevant prevention and control knowledge; passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do a good job of hand hygiene after the ride.

  Nursery institutions, full health knows the real situation

  In the near future, childcare institutions in some areas are about to open parks. How to protect against the epidemic? Zhang Liubo said that childcare institutions should carry out relevant work from three aspects:

  First, before the opening of the kindergarten, the kindergarten should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the classrooms are well ventilated, and relevant material reserves should be made, and the kindergarten teachers should master these prevention and control knowledge. In addition, the most critical point is to know the real situation of the health status of all teaching staff and children. Only children can enter the kindergarten if they are healthy. Second, if the epidemic is over, the kindergarten can be implemented according to the normal teaching order; if there are still cases, we must take corresponding preventive measures and make an emergency plan, especially to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and items, as well as hand hygiene and personal protection. Third, once suspected cases occur, they must be dealt with quickly according to the emergency plan. ( Economic Daily · China Economic Net reporter, Wu Jiajia)

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

On July 20th, singer Hua Chenyu appeared in Shanghai to unveil his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

On the day of the event, Hua Chenyu celebrated the 8th anniversary of his debut with fans, listened to the fans’ hearts and thanked the fans for accompanying him all the way. At the same time, Shanghai Dusha also created a month-long "Mars Philharmonic Carnival" pop-up band on the stage of the music district.

The wax figure of Hua Chenyu replicates the shape of Hua Chenyu at the concert through gorgeous performance costumes, domineering expressions, and passionate singing with a microphone in hand.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Speaking about the styling of his wax figure this time, Hua Chenyu admitted that the action on his wax figure was selected from his concert. "The concert is a very free stage, and my state is also the most relaxed, comfortable and natural. The shape of the concert is more like myself, more free, and I hope the fans will feel at home when they see it."

At the scene, Hua Chenyu interacted closely with his wax figure, posed in various handsome poses, and held himself intimately. At the press conference, Hua Chenyu, who played musical instruments, was also very cool. Hua Chenyu also said more than once that what he wanted to do most was to hold a concert.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

When it comes to his wish for the second half of the year, Hua Chenyu said: "Seeing the enthusiastic support of fans, I hope to hold a concert this year." Speaking of his wax figure, Hua Chenyu thinks the wax figure is very realistic, like himself, and also assigns a small task to his fans to ask everyone to name his wax figure.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Lynk & Co 05/Volkswagen Viloran leads the new car to be launched in May

New car features: NEDC battery life up to 530km
IPO time: May 10

  The Jianghuai iC5 is based on Jianghuai’s new 432 platform, and its appearance and shape are similar to the Jiayue A5 on the same platform. Its appearance is very simple and handsome, and the polyline design can be seen everywhere. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1820/1514mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2760mm. The rear of the vehicle is clearly layered, and the opening shape on both sides of the rear insurance echoes the design of the front of the car.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  The interior of the Jianghuai iC5 uses a black rice color scheme + chrome plating + piano paint trim to bring a good texture. The large central control screen and simple design style enhance the sense of technology in the car a lot. In terms of configuration, the car has 64-color ambient lights, as well as a powerful vehicle to everything car system. Built-in iFLYTEK intelligent voice control, can recognize a variety of dialects, and controls multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, sunroof, etc., through voice control, and also has car Wi-Fi.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  In terms of active and passive safety configuration, the JAC iC5 high-end model features intelligent ramp assistance, body stabilization system, ABS + EBD, emergency braking assistance, adaptive cruise, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and more.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  The new car retains the hatchback tailgate design of the Jianghuai Jiayue A5, which is rare in models of the same class. In addition, the rear air conditioner is out of trend and the rear seats are divided into 4/6 proportions. In terms of power, the Jianghuai iC5 has a maximum power of 204 horsepower and a peak torque of 340 Nm. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 7.6 seconds. With a 64.5kWh lithium battery, the NEDC battery life can reach 530km.

Editor’s comment:

  The appearance of the Jianghuai iC5 is very simple and spiritual, giving people a good first impression, and I believe it will win the favor of young people. Since it is a pure electric car, the cruising range is naturally the focus of everyone’s attention. The official data of the Jianghuai iC5 is 530km (NEDC battery life), which is also good. As for the configuration, it is comparable to the Chinese brand models of the same class, and it is difficult to distinguish between the top and the bottom.

  In the case of a relatively balanced book strength, the deciding elements also include the texture of driving and interior materials, which can only be evaluated when we get the Jianghuai iC5 test car. For Jianghuai, it is also necessary to set an attractive and competitive price for the iC5 to make up for the weakness of brand recognition.

Zero run T03
New car features: miniature car/battery life up to 403km
IPO time: May 11

  As early as April 10, the Zero Run T03 had been on pre-sale. The new car was positioned as a miniature pure electric vehicle, and the appearance adopted what the official called the "curved design aesthetic" style, which looked quite cute. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the T03 were 3620/1652/1577mm respectively, and the wheelbase was 2400mm.

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

  The interior design of the new car is simple, and the central control screen integrates most functions. The Zero Run T03 is quite high, such as facial recognition start system, Leap On smart car system, etc.; and the T03 has the hardware foundation of "3 cameras + 1 millimeter wave radar + 11 ultrasonic radar" and up to 10 autonomous driving auxiliary features, including: APS intelligent parking system, ACC adaptive cruise system, LDW lane departure warning system, LKA lane keeping assistance system, FCW front collision warning system, AEB automatic emergency braking system, etc.

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

  In terms of power, the Zero Run T03 is equipped with the Heracles electric drive assembly independently developed by Zero Run, with a maximum power of 55kW (75Ps) and a maximum torque of 155Nm. The battery pack adopts the ternary lithium battery of Ningde era, and the energy density of the battery system is as high as 171Wh/kg. According to the previous declaration information, the battery capacity of the new car is 31kWh and 38kWh, and the corresponding NEDC cruising range is 300km and 403km respectively.

Editor’s comment:

  The Zero Run T03 is positioned as a mini car. From the perspective of body length (3620mm), it is longer than the Euler R1 (3495mm) and BYD e1 (3465mm). In addition, the slightly square body helps to improve the head space of the second row. So the Zero Run T03 gives people the feeling of a more practical mini car.

  At present, the Zero Running T03 has started pre-sale, and the pre-sale price after subsidy is less than 80,000 yuan. Surprisingly, its configuration is very awesome, and this level of models equipped with L2-level intelligent driving assistance is indeed rare. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with the Leap On smart car system. Most importantly, its range is enough to complete the task of daily city commuting.

New car features: plug-in hybrid model
IPO time: May 18

  As a plug-in hybrid model, SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN continues the overall shape of the EUNIQ 5, both of which also adopt a new energy design style. The closed air intake grille is embellished with blue elements, and a larger front lip is added under the front surround. The shovel-like shape highlights the movement and looks very fashionable.



  From the side, the standard MPV style design adds a sense of style to the new car due to the use of a suspended roof. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4825/1825/1778mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 2019, Comfort Edition

"The picture shows SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5"

  In terms of the interior, the new car should still use the pure electric version of the interior layout, equipped with a 7-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.3-inch floating touch screen, and equipped with "Zebra Zhixing System". The new car offers wireless charging, head-up display, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, panoramic imaging, panoramic sunroof and seat heating.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 2019, Comfort Edition

"The picture shows SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5"

  Power is the biggest highlight of the new car. The motor of the new 1.3T engine forms a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid power system, with a maximum engine power of 163 horsepower and a maximum motor power of 82 horsepower. The comprehensive pure electric cruising range is 64km.

Editor’s comment:

  SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN is a plug-in hybrid model. For many friends, it is undoubtedly a more secure choice at present, without mileage anxiety, and at the same time can be supported by relevant policies. Since it is built on the same platform as the EUNIQ 5 pure electric version, their appearance, interior and even configuration will not be significantly different. Recently, SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN has opened pre-sale, and the new car will launch 5 models. The only suspense is the price.

New car features: two power versions/power balance
IPO time: May 18

  The SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 is based on the SAIC MAXUS MERA intelligent scalable mid-size vehicle platform, which is compatible with pure electric, hybrid, and fuel powertrain layouts.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2020 1.3T PLUG IN Geek Full Edition

  Among them, the EUNIQ 6 PLUG IN (hereinafter referred to as the plug-in hybrid version) adopts a new air intake grille design. The appearance of blue decorative strips emphasizes the new energy identity of the new car. At the same time, blue decoration is also added to the headlight group to highlight. In addition, the new car shape is basically the same as the fuel car, and even equipped with the same 19-inch wheels.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2020 PRO 510 Edition

  The EUNIQ 6 is a pure electric model with a more futuristic feel. The new car has cancelled the plug-in hybrid version of the air intake grille shape, and the design of the full LED headlight group has been continued, resulting in a very fashionable visual effect. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with a separately designed low wind resistance rim, and the two exhaust layouts at the tail side have been cancelled, and the chrome decoration design has been changed. In terms of size, the two models remain the same, with a length, width and height of 4735/1860/1736mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2760mm.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  In terms of interior layout, the two use the same design. The leather-wrapped interior with stitching process and Alcantara fabric seats enhance the texture of the vehicle, and the 12.3-inch full LCD meter, head-up display and 14-inch center console display are equipped to further enhance the technological atmosphere of the vehicle. The 14-inch central control display adopts touch design and is embedded with Zebra Zhixing Internet System 3.0, which can control air conditioning, music, navigation, sunroof opening/closing, express inquiry, weather inquiry and other functions through voice.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  In addition, the air-conditioning control area of the new car is also integrated into the central control screen, making the center console appear very simple. However, the new car does not cancel all physical buttons, and there are necessary driving auxiliary features around the shift lever.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  It is reported that SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 will also support SAIC MAXUS’s C2B intelligent customization mode. In terms of configuration, it also provides panoramic sunroof, 64-color ambient light, electric tailgate, mobile phone wireless charger, etc. In terms of safety configuration, it provides panoramic surround view system (360-degree panoramic image + transparent chassis system), parking sentry mode, tire pressure monitoring, DRS driver identification system, and supports Face ID to start the vehicle, driver fatigue reminder, in-car environment remote monitoring, etc.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019 PLUG IN test vehicle

  In terms of power, the EUNIQ 6 PLUG IN is equipped with a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system composed of a motor of SAIC GM’s 1.3T engine. The maximum power of the engine is 163 horsepower, the maximum power of the motor is 82 horsepower, and the comprehensive pure electric cruising range is 62km.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  The EUNIQ 6 will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 177 horsepower and a peak torque of 310 Nm. The power battery is a ternary lithium battery provided by Ningde Times, with a battery capacity of 70kW · h. It has the latest generation of battery heating management system and battery management system, supports fast charging mode, and has a range of 510km under NEDC comprehensive operating conditions.

Editorial comments:

  SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 can be seen as a main force for SAIC MAXUS to enter the new energy market, as a medium-sized SUV. Thanks to the generalization of the MERA platform, the new car has adopted a more mature design style. Judging from the upcoming version, the pure electric version and the plug-in hybrid version have a double insurance feeling. For SAIC MAXUS, in addition to the strength of the product itself, it is necessary to quickly improve the brand’s recognition among consumers, which takes time to accumulate.

Reject "one thousand cars on one side" and establish a new standard for pure electric cars.

"The number of 48-hour bookings exceeded 20,000."


On November 19th, Extreme Krypton Motor released the above data, once again refreshing the pure electric market record with "extreme Krypton speed".


At the Guangzhou International Auto Show in 2023, the first pure electric luxury car, Krypton 007, made its debut, and the pre-sale started at the same time. The pre-sale price started from 229,900 yuan. Before the launch, the user paid 1000 yuan the intention money to deduct 6,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price started from 224,900 yuan.


The whole system comes standard with 800V platform, front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension, silicon carbide motor and Qualcomm 8295 chip. The total power of front and rear motors is up to 310 kW, and the four-wheel drive model accelerates for 2.84 seconds. ……


A series of luxury configurations beyond the same level, Extreme Krypton 007 entered the pure electric luxury car market by breaking the conventional brand-new luxury standards, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Establish a new standard for pure electric cars against Tesla Model 3 and Krypton 007.


As the fourth model of Krypton, it is also the first car product to enter the most mainstream market. Based on the insight into the market and users, the appearance of Krypton 007 has chosen a more "advanced" design concept, breaking the status quo of "one thousand cars".


By Stefan Sielaff, the former design director of Bentley who joined Krypton two years ago, Krypton 007 reached the best visual point of a luxury B-class car: the length of the car is 4865mm, the width of the car is 1900mm, the height of the car is 1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2928mm, achieving a perfect 1:2 ratio of the height of the yellow gold wheels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007. Figure/Enterprise official website

The world’s first double-zone hidden front face design makes the Krypton 007 have a smoother and more recognizable front face. The exclusive clamshell front hatch cover and clamshell tailgate design of ultra-luxury SUV were first introduced into the B-class sedan by Krypton 007, creating the first real suspended roof in its class.


Extreme Krypton 007 headlight group uses the world’s largest 90-inch giant screen light strip and 1711 LED light beads, and the brightness can reach 10000 nits, bringing a visual interaction effect with a sense of future technology. The most surprising thing is that the light curtain is independently controlled by 75 high-power chips of vehicle specifications, and the pattern can be presented on the smart light curtain just by drawing on the central control panel with your fingers, which makes Kyk 007 the first smart electric vehicle in the world that can be customized by users, and also allows users to have personalized exclusive labels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007 interior. Figure/Enterprise official website

Not only comes with a brand-new image, but also with the powerful performance genes, safety genes, intelligent technology and luxury configuration of the brand, Krypton 007 breaks the rules and establishes a new standard for pure electric cars.


In terms of power, Extreme Krypton 007 not only inherits the luxury performance gene of Extreme Krypton 001 FR, but also comes standard with high-performance 800V architecture. The whole system comes standard with front double wishbone and rear multi-link high-performance suspension system, equipped with 800V silicon carbide high-performance rear motor with a maximum power of 310 kW. The fastest acceleration of the rear-wheel drive model is 5.4 seconds, and that of the four-wheel drive model is a record-breaking, with the fastest acceleration of 2.84 seconds (excluding the starting time), which is faster than the 3.4 seconds (excluding the starting time) of the Tesla Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version. It has become the fastest accelerating pure electric car of its kind in the world.


In terms of cruising range, the cruising range of CLTC, the entry-level model of Krypton 007, is 688 kilometers, and the long-life version is as high as 870 kilometers.


With 800-volt high-voltage architecture, 800-kilometer battery life and 800-seat exclusive charging stations, with the absolute strength of three "800", Extreme Krypton 007 will completely eliminate users’ travel mileage and recharge anxiety.

Caption: Comparison between Extreme Krypton 007 and Tesla models.

In the luxury pure electric car market, Tesla Model 3 is an unavoidable opponent of cars of the same price. However, with the consumer’s demand for interior space and comfort, the sales volume of Model 3, which has not been greatly upgraded for 8 years, has declined in recent years, and the sales volume in the third quarter of this year is only one-third of that of two years ago. Based on the insight into the market and users, Extreme Krypton 007 is fully configured, and it is more competitive than Tesla Model 3 in key parameters such as body size, wheelbase and battery life.


Create a differentiated competitive advantage and be a "leader" in market segments.


Extreme krypton 007 is a concentrated expression of extreme krypton’s soft and hard strength. As a luxury intelligent pure electric brand under Geely Holding Group, Krypton is also continuing to create "Krypton speed".


Different from other enterprises, Krypton firmly takes the "third track", that is, "combining the power of giants with pure user thinking."


In less than three years since its establishment, Extreme Krypton has successively launched the hunting coupe extreme Krypton 001, MPV extreme Krypton 009, compact SUV extreme Krypton X and super-running extreme Krypton 001 FR, covering the price range of 200,000-800,000 yuan.


In 2022, the annual delivery of Krypton exceeded 70,000 vehicles, making it the only brand of mainstream new energy to achieve the delivery target. By the end of October 2023, the monthly delivery of krypton has increased for nine consecutive months. It took only 24 months to start delivery, and Krypton became a luxury pure electric brand with the fastest delivery of 170,000 vehicles, with a cumulative delivery of more than 170,000 vehicles, the only one in the industry with zero spontaneous combustion, which set a new record in the industry.


Among them, Kykrypton 001 is the champion of pure electric vehicle sales with a price of over 300,000 yuan, Kykrypton 009 is the champion of MPV sales with a price of over 500,000 yuan, and Kykrypton X is the only China brand in the top ten of compact car sales with a price of over 200,000 yuan.


In terms of globalization strategy, in October this year, Krypton signed a pan-European cooperation agreement with BNP Paribas and Arval, which will provide users with financial solutions covering all aspects of travel, all-round leasing business support and insurance services, covering many European countries.


In November, Krypton started selling in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be sold in major developed countries in Western Europe next year. In 2024, the European market is expected to increase to 6 countries, and in 2025, it will enter 8 countries, accelerating its March to the global market.

Caption: An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology. Figure/Enterprise official website

An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "If there is no benchmark in the early stage, as a follower, it is not enough to be the same as others. Only by surpassing others can everyone think that you are a little competitive."


In creating differentiation, we can’t follow suit. With other car companies, we choose to focus on a large number of similar models in the same field, and seek market differences through the way of "having more children and fighting", and set up benchmark products in different market segments through excellent product strength, which is a very embarrassing product planning concept.


After the pre-sale of Krypton 007 started for 30 minutes, the booking volume exceeded 5,000; After 3 hours, the booking volume exceeded 10,000; After 48 hours, the booking volume exceeded 20,000.


The release of Krypton 007 not only enriches Krypton products, but also enters the pure electric luxury car market with the product experience of innovating the mainstream car market in the electric age, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Text/Liu Chang

Editor Jiang Fan

Proofread Liu Baoqing

Positioning young Nordic wind LYNK&CO two concept cars released

  [New Car Launch] LYNK&CO, a brand-new brand of Geely Group, officially released the Harmony. The new car is built on the CMA platform jointly developed by Geely and Geely, in which 01 will be officially mass-produced as the first model of LYNK&CO in 2017, and will be listed in China at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, the Lynk & Co brand will gradually enter the European and North American markets.

Home of the car

『LYNC&CO 01 concept car

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

『LYNK concept car

LYNK&CO 01 concept car

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  LYNK&CO 01 concept car is located in a model, which is built by Gothenburg styling center led by Peter Hobury, deputy director of Geely Group, and its overall style is very fashionable. The large mouth air intake grille gives people a very layered feeling. At the same time, the headlight group adopts split design, in which the light band shape is very individual, while the high beam and low beam groups are hidden on both sides of the grille, which makes the front face of the whole vehicle look more integrated.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  On the tail, the 01 concept car adopts L-shaped taillight design and LED light source, and presents a stereoscopic visual effect. The overall design is coordinated, the lines are full, and it doesn’t look stingy.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  In terms of interior, the new car adopts a 10-inch full LCD instrument panel with mechanical instrument combination design, and is equipped with interior atmosphere lights, a 10.1-inch touch screen, an electronic shift lever, etc. to increase the sense of technology. On the whole, the new car focuses on Nordic style, and the design is simple and fashionable.

Home of the car

  LYNK&CO brand official said that this concept car is "the product that best represents intelligent interconnection technology". Based on the open digital platform, it will cooperate with the world’s leading technology companies. Therefore, interconnection is also one of the main aspects of LYNK&CO brand in the future.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T three-cylinder and 2.0T four-cylinder matched with CMA platform in the future, as well as hybrid system and pure electric system. In terms of transmission, it will be matched with a brand-new 7-speed, and the new car will also be equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

LYNK concept car

Home of the car

  Compared with LYNK&CO 01 concept car, this concept car named LYNK has no mass production plan. It is just an attempt by the designer for LYNK&CO brand. The new car adopts a four-door coupe design and looks very dynamic as a whole. The front face of the new car still uses a large mouth grille design, while the headlight group uses a more simplified LED light source. Compared with LYNK&CO 01 concept car, the new car has more muscular lines.

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

  In terms of body, the new car adopts a four-door style that tilts upwards and looks very individual. In the tail shape, we can see the sense of movement of its design, and the taillight group adopts integrated light belt design, which gives people a very fashionable feeling.

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

  In terms of interior, the concept car is even more exaggerated. The steering wheel with more sporty shape is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a central control LCD screen, which gives people a more futuristic feeling. At the same time, the 2+2-type four-seat chair looks very design-oriented.

Introduction of CMA platform

Home of the car

  With regard to the platform, the 01 concept car is built on the CMA modular platform of Geely Group. The CMA platform is a brand-new intermediate car basic module structure led by Volvo Cars and jointly developed by Geely Cars and Volvo Cars. The platform has been developed in the European Research and Development Center (CEVT) of Geely Cars for more than three years, and can be adjusted according to the positioning and length of different models, covering small, compact and corresponding product layouts. In the future, a new generation of Volvo 40 series models will be born on this platform.

LYNK&CO brand introduction:

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  LYNK&CO brand is a brand-new brand created by Geely Group. Its positioning is between Geely brand and Volvo brand under the group, focusing on Nordic style, and it will become a competitor of overseas mainstream brands including and.

Home of the car

  LYNK&CO is a combination of two English words. LYNK means connection and interconnection, which represents the cooperative nature of the brand and the future development route of intelligent interconnection. It is expected to join the ranks of future mobile travel service providers. CO has no specific meaning, its meaning is to make the brand name more catchy, thus showing that the new brand is young and full of vitality.

  In the future, the brand will build matrix products based on CMA platform. The first production car will be a compact SUV, code-named C11, which will adopt the overall design language of 01 concept car. In the future, LYNK&CO brand will also enter the China market in the future, so as to compete with Volkswagen, Ford and other brands. (Text/car home Wuyuan)

  Read more:

  Promote smart interconnection? LYNK&CO’s latest trailer released

Can the sub-class economy achieve new opportunities from the beginning of the child, and then become a dating software?

Original Wang Yingli Kuaiwan Thinking

Tips: This article is about 3,620 words, and it takes 10 minutes to burn your brain. Wang Yingli, a journalist who plays chopsticks, sent it in Beijing.

Carpooling, maps, group buying, take-away, e-commerce, chatting, learning, games, music, reading, payment … Any new thing, if it can become the living habit of most people, will create a new platform opportunity.

Whether the catering and catering economy can become new platform opportunities depends on the flow, irreplaceable demand, capital operation and liquidity, etc. From the perspective of applet and App, the sub-category application did have corresponding platform construction earlier.

Previously, in the article "",some fans left a message that the economy will probably deteriorate in the end.

In fact, from the perspective of apps such as partners and rice friends, they have indeed become chat and dating software in the name of (rice) partners.

Chopsticks Playing Thinking ( This article analyzes whether the (rice) partner can become a platform opportunity, but also needs to consider the practical problems. Why does the (rice) partner App deteriorate in the end?

Why do young people need partners?

Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, Weibo and other platforms have millions and tens of millions of traffic about the content and topics of the partner, and the highest even reaches tens of billions of broadcasts. Young people’s main demand for partners is diet, and rice partners are the most common combination. However, no matter whether they are qualified partners or normal modern people, anyone’s demand is not limited to eating, except diet, travel, script killing, swimming, fitness, reading, and even fishing at work, it can be said that everything can be built.

Don’t think that it’s just young people who are keen on taking partners. According to the 2023 Social Research Report on Taking Partners, the number one job is civil servants, as well as retired people and students at school. Taking partners is not only for young people, but also for office workers and silver-haired people.

Interestingly, the report data shows that women need partners more than men, and it can even be said that partners are dominated by women’s economy.

The author has previously gone deep into the rice partner group and experienced four facts:

1) Partners are not only single people, but also couples and married people have additional needs, such as attending multi-person dinners and script killings.

2) Partner is not only a hobby to push, but some people look for partners just for curiosity or to pass the time.

3), partners are not to make friends, some partners are to have no human burden when having fun, and in group chat, the habit of not adding is set for most partners. For example, some couples traveled by car together for seven days, and when they came back, they not only didn’t know each other’s names (communicated by their net names), but even didn’t add WeChat (had group chats), focusing on a chance meeting, but the origin was together and the fate was separated.

4) You don’t have to meet each other. It’s also a sub-category game to supervise each other’s fitness and eating in the group.

From a realistic point of view, the partners’ interests are very strange. Some of them ask each other for self-study, walk the dog, stay in a daze, Pinduoduo cut a knife, or a few introverted people go out to walk in the street together. Even many couples have half-price meals and second cups. The partners only talk about companionship and AA system, and don’t talk about feelings at all.

Judging from the Baidu index chart, contemporary people’s demand for activities is stronger than that for parties and socializing, and the index of parties and activities has been rising for a long time (just to play for fun, not to play for socializing). For the behavior of partners, it emphasizes activities, but it is also related to parties and socializing.

Hidden above the activities is the great boredom and loneliness of contemporary people. Interestingly, contemporary people have no time to be sad. They prefer happiness. How can they pursue happiness? It seems that making friends is a broad solution. From this point of view, it is not surprising that some subclassing apps will become dating software.

Judging from the deteriorated sub-category App, if it is put into the social field, it is not cost-effective. Obviously, it is a new demand, but it must be close to a broken Red Sea.

Dating apps can’t solve the needs of partners.

Most dating software is actually feminine logic. In the conventional communication relationship, there is only one payer, which is contrary to the logic of partner AA. In other words, if we return to the traditional logic of making friends, the partner relationship will not exist.

In the previous article about the partner, some fans pointed out that the landing of the partner is actually that the active payer stops playing and returns to please himself from pleasing others. Not only men, but also women don’t like the traditional relationship. The traditional relationship is that whoever initiates pays the bill. If it is a high-quality relationship, rushing to settle the bill at checkout will also make the sponsors feel indebted, while if they are fair-weather friends, it will hurt their wallets too much.

Based on the dissatisfaction with the traditional relationship, this is the friendship between children. Everyone doesn’t need to invest in feelings, just enjoy the activity itself, and AA is enough when checking out. Everyone doesn’t care about each other and doesn’t owe anyone.

In dating software, it becomes: I pursue you, you accompany me, and I pay for your company. Reality has also proved that this kind of communication relationship can’t actually solve the spiritual emptiness and loneliness of contemporary people. Contemporary people have turned from emotional bondage to short and ruthless trading needs, returning to the basics of activities, playing together, and then paying their own bills and returning to their homes for happiness.

The original intention of the partner is not only to solve the financial problem, but also to lift the human bond. In the survey, the partner’s needs include helping Pinduoduo cut a knife, and also collecting orders and doing tasks. However, for such needs, most acquaintances will feel that the other party does not respect themselves. If they are partners, there is no such psychological burden at all. The partners of migrant workers also carry the burden on each other, fish together, skip work together, etc. Acquaintances will only refuse and dissuade them, and only partners will accompany them and do not need to return.

From this point of view, the friendship between children and traditional friends is almost a completely different track. What is needed to build a sub-category App is anti-traditional social gameplay, and all social apps can’t keep the real children.

Why can’t I do a subclass App?

The partner has no feelings and does not rely on his face.

There is such a case. In a boarding group, a boarding friend asked for a photo of the boarding partner before going out for a drink, and was finally kicked out of the group by the group owner, because such people need a group of friends, not a boarding group.

On WeChat, Julang creatively developed the "nearby partner" applet, ranging from rice partner, travel partner, street vendor to movie partner. The applet is also divided into Beijing partner, Inner Mongolia partner and Guangdong partner by region, among which game partner, travel partner and dinner partner are the most common, and the reading of a single message is around 5,000-20,000, but it may be too scattered and other reasons.

Perhaps it is true that the traffic on the sub-platform is insufficient. Some apps that were also serious about making partners earlier have transformed to make friends. At this point, the fact is probably that they have given up the business of building sub-category apps.

Judging from the total annihilation of App applications and the desolation of small programs, the demand for partners may not really support a single platform.

The rise and fall of economic behavior actually depends on the change of economic value, and perhaps the fact is that it is difficult to realize the positive realization of the economy.

1) Demand satisfaction is complicated, and ruthlessness is universal.

The partner’s age span is relatively large. From the post-80s to the post-00s, some people are old and naughty, and some are young and mature, such as reading partners to form a reading club. The sources of such channels include Douban, Little Red Book, Weibo, Tik Tok and acquaintances. The needs of the partners are precise and ruthless. After investigation, many partners will immediately uninstall the Douban App after they find an organization in Douban, including the 50-year-old uncle who is looking for a fishing partner in Xiaohongshu. As long as he enters the fishing group, the uncle will change hands with Xiaohongshu. It is an unloading.

Young people will also find partners from digital apps such as Cool ‘an. It is normal that cool friends can’t find people for ten days after they pay attention. The friendship of the people in the new era is that everyone doesn’t invest their feelings in it, and their interests come online. Bye-bye.

2) The commercial dilemma that cannot be ignored

Tik Tok, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douban, Kuan, WeChat and other platforms are all faintly visible. It is really difficult to make money from the partner.

Even if it is a group purchase, people used to buy coupons from platforms such as Tik Tok, Word of Mouth, Public Comment, Meituan, etc. In the past, partners found that there were almost no good things in the packages of merchants, which made their consumption tendency basically go to the store, which was beneficial to the entity business but not to the platform.

Some partners have also found that the prices of group purchase packages on many platforms are the same as the actual prices of stores, which also leads customers to get used to paying in stores. I don’t know if this is a cautious move or a helpless move (generally beneficial to businesses).

It seems that the traffic of the partner is just a formality. If the platform wants to make money on the partner, the past business model is almost completely ineffective.

To realize the value of partners, we must reconstruct our thinking.

Can a partner really fail to do a business? Or, can partners really not bring value to capital or brands? That’s not the case.

1), community reconstruction

Partners can be used by businesses, at least to empower the community.

In the past, the community was coupon thinking, and it was the logic of issuing coupons and asking customers to spend. With the passage of time, most of them have become dead groups. In some couples’ dry meals, the chatting energy of strangers is indeed the most abundant. By changing their thinking, bosses can join the partners’ community and spontaneously form a team to win customers for the brand, which requires neither discounts nor group purchases, and does not need to pay new drainage fees.

Bosses can also help partners launch activities and help partners recruit new partners. These are all ways to realize the flow of partners.

In the brand group, there was always the only brand in the past. For example, all the brands in the group talked about the same brand, which is also the reason why the brand group will eventually be silent. In the chopsticks thinking, bosses can initiate a partner alliance, such as multi-restaurants × swimming and fitness × camping brands × parent-child activities, etc., through multi-brand alliances, which is a way to revitalize traffic and can also form a brand consumption cluster.

2), functional reconstruction

It’s difficult to build a single platform, so it’s probably a good idea to embed the old platform to make the platform functional. For example, the four functions of comments are punching in, taking videos, sending photos and writing comments. In fact, a team function can be added to initiate the platform. When several people meet at the store for dinner, they can pay a deposit first and spend it at the store, which can not only bring new passengers to the store, but also facilitate the communication of the platform.

Compared with rebuilding the sub-platform, embedding the old platform and functionalizing it will be more efficient and practical.

In summary, it can be seen that the sub-category economy is not without economic value and flow play, but now most of them use traditional business models to deal with new play, and the failure of running-in naturally fails to see the value.

As for the partner economy, this article does not discuss and judge it too deeply. Partner is like a new business opportunity rising in Ran Ran, which is not only a new social problem, but also a new demand of social people. Only by paying attention to it can we gain benefits from it.

Original title: "Starting from a partner and then becoming a dating software, can the sub-category economy achieve new opportunities?" 》

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On April 26th, Cyrus was increased by 854,600 shares in Shanghai Stock Connect.

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