Chery’s sales in August were released: the whole department sold well, and the new Tiggo broke 80,000.

  Recently, Chery Group released an August sales report. In August, Chery Group sold 65,200 vehicles, up 33.2% from the previous month and 5.4% from the same period last year. Among them, the sales volume of self-owned brand models was 52,000 units, up 23.1% from the previous month and 3.8% from the same period last year.

  From January to August this year, Chery Group sold a total of 439,000 vehicles, including 378,000 vehicles of its own brand, up 5.9% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, the market share of Chery products has continued to increase. In July, the independent market share reached 4.27%, and 29 provinces achieved positive growth year-on-year, 56 cities doubled year-on-year, and 270 cities experienced positive growth year-on-year.

  In terms of specific products, Chery’s two star cars, Tiggo and Arrizo, performed well. The sales volume of Tiggo SUV series was 21,081, of which the sales volume of the new generation Tiggo 8 was 10,340, up 11.9% from the previous month and 43.9% from the same period last year. Tiggo 5x sold 6,320 vehicles, up 51.7% from the previous month and 57.1% year-on-year. Arrizo series cars sold 8712 cars, of which the new Arrizo 5 sold 4600 cars and the Arrizo GX sold 4112 cars.

  In the case of the overall decline of the domestic auto market, Chery Automobile can maintain the continuous growth of sales, thanks to the steady improvement in products, quality and channels.

  System support product strength has been greatly improved.

  Based on the perfect system capability and abundant technology accumulation, in recent years, the iteration speed of Chery’s new products and the upgrading speed of its old products have been significantly accelerated. Tiggo SUV series and Arrizo series products have been fully upgraded in design (modeling, appearance and interior decoration), power, intelligent networking and intelligent driving technology, including the third-generation engine, "Lion Zhiyun" intelligent networking system, intelligent assisted driving and other leading technologies, and their competitiveness has been greatly improved.

  Taking the new generation of Tiggo 8 as an example, it is equipped with Chery’s third-generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, and its power performance level has achieved a qualitative leap; At the same time, for the first time, it was equipped with dozens of super smart configurations, including full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system including L2 intelligent assisted driving, APA automatic parking, LKA lane keeping, etc., which were very popular among young consumers. After three months of listing, sales continued to climb, and sales in August successfully exceeded 10,000.

  A new generation of Tiggo 8

  Ariza GX Pro

  Improve quality and catch up with the level of joint venture brands in an all-round way.

  In recent years, by strengthening the construction of total quality management system, Chery has effectively guaranteed the quality of new products, including the new generation of Tiggo 8, Tiggo 5x, Arrizo GX PRO, Arrizo 5 PRO and other new products, which are in the forefront of the industry in terms of product design, performance and reliability. At present, the 3MIS IPTV(3 of Chery’s new products has far exceeded the industry average and the level of some mainstream joint venture brands.

  In the "2019 New Car Quality Survey Report" released by J.D.Power not long ago, Chery reached the average level of international brands with 92 points, and the brand ranking was 26 places higher than last year.

  At the just-concluded national TQM promotion and the 40th anniversary of the founding of china association for quality, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Outstanding Promotion Unit for the 40th Anniversary of TQM Promotion" and "Annual National Quality and Technology Progress Award", and Chery’s "Seeking Truth from Facts QC Team" was awarded the title of "National Excellent Quality Management Team".

  Channel promotion online and offline comprehensive empowerment

  After entering 2019, Chery further improved the channel quality and formulated a first-level network to improve quality; The secondary network ensures the vertical penetration of the "super deep-sea plan", and the network scale has risen steadily. Up to now, the scale of Chery’s first network has stabilized at 500, and the scale of the second network has reached 1300. The dealers of the new network have grown rapidly, which has strongly supported the sales growth.

  At the same time, Chery is also actively testing new retail models, cooperating with many new auto retail platforms, integrating customers’ big data, artificial intelligence and other resources, and actively improving users’ car purchase experience. In August this year, Tiggo 7i officially landed in Tmall and participated in the "Tmall 99" event. Consumers can make an appointment to pick up the car at the nearest Chery store by paying the deposit online through Tmall platform, and experience the new car purchase service model jointly built by Chery and Tmall, making the whole car purchase process more efficient and convenient.

  In September, in order to thank the friends who have trusted Chery for many years, Chery specially launched the golden autumn car purchase preferential activities for consumers all over the country. During the event, all the designated models such as the new generation Tiggo 8, Tiggo 5x HERO, Arrizo GX Pro and Arrizo 5 Pro can enjoy high discounts. Among them, the new generation of Tiggo 8 can enjoy a maximum replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan, and the Arrizo series can enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest rate and 0 waiting time limit.

  In this golden September, silver and ten automobile industry sales season, driven by product upgrading, quality improvement and channel improvement, as well as the release of a series of preferential policies, it is believed that Chery Automobile will continue to maintain the momentum of contrarian growth and become the backbone of China automobile brand.?