Bourne Optics | Empowering Xiaomi 14 Pro Perception Experience "Full Leap-forward Upgrade"


On October 26th, at the Xiaomi new product launch conference, Xiaomi 14 Pro was officially released in the long-awaited event. The performance, image and quality of congruent-depth micro-curved screen, Xiaomi Longjing glass, Leica optical summilux lens and the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform have been comprehensively upgraded by leaps and bounds, and the comprehensive strength has gone further. The new products have lived up to the expectations of rice noodles and brought the charm of high-end flagship to the extreme.

Outstanding appearance of technological innovation

As the main supplier of glass back cover and metal middle frame of Xiaomi 14 Pro series mobile phones, Bourne Optics has always played an outstanding role, and together with Xiaomi, it has created a high-end flagship machine with amazing face value and extraordinary performance!


Xiaomi 14 Pro has three colors: white, black and rock blue. Bourne Optics exclusively supplies Xiaomi 14 Pro black and rock blue back cover. The black back cover is the first brand-new sandblasting AG process developed and designed by Bourne Optics and Xiaomi. Let the glass backboard keep the silky and delicate touch, at the same time, it has the graininess of frosting, and when it is turned lightly, it reveals a little luster, making each light soft and stable.


The new design concept and new technology require extremely strict parameters. Bourne Optics set up a special project team to tackle the research and development with customers, and conducted analysis and verification for more than two months and rounds, ranging from the whole process design to the accurate 1 second time difference and 1 temperature difference, giving each color a high-definition beauty.

The beauty of science and technology tends to the extreme.

Xiaomi 14 Pro’s unique and innovative technology optimizes the multi-layer stress of the panel, and the four sides and corners are bent in equal depth to form a beautiful arc. Light up the screen and have a borderless vision; Hold it in your hand and bring a cobblestone touch.


Paris nail deco shines with exquisite charm.

The brand-new Leica optical Summilux lens is adopted. The lens module is designed as a rounded rectangle, the top of the metal ring is treated with Paris nail pattern, and the side surface is polished, which is visually unified with the camera module on the back. The middle frame is a right angle without radian, which makes the whole fuselage look more tough and stylish.


Elegant and light design of high strength aluminum alloy metal middle frame

The biggest highlight of Xiaomi 14 Pro this time is the use of high-strength aluminum alloy metal middle frame, and the introduction of high-brightness anodized surface treatment process to make the sense and feel better. As the main supplier of the metal middle frame of Xiaomi 14 Pro mobile phone, Bourne Optics cooperated with Xiaomi team to carve every detail carefully, put forward more than 20 verification schemes, and developed and verified 100 polishing consumables (sponge sand, polishing wheel, polishing wax, polishing skin, polishing liquid and anti-corrosion liquid) for five months, finally locking the current polishing process. With strong R&D and precision manufacturing capabilities to overcome difficulties, every opening of the metal frame is smooth and delicate, and the simple lines perfectly fit the textured back cover, making Xiaomi 14 Pro exquisite and eye-catching.


Join hands to explore more exciting

From 2012 to 2023, Bourne Optics and Xiaomi started in-depth cooperation, established a joint laboratory and created a number of classic products. The successful application of new technologies and processes on Xiaomi 14 Pro at this conference has become another milestone in the cooperation between the two parties. In the future, Bourne Optics will continue to strengthen its independent innovation capability, continue to develop high-tech technologies, and explore more wonderful things together with Xiaomi with exquisite manufacturing technology.