Domestic films relay to ignite the film market! This year’s summer box office is expected to break the film history record.

Author: Uncle Biao

Last weekend, with the release of "Feng Shen I", "Super Family" and the national screening of "Enthusiasm", it added another fire to the already hot summer movie market. Although there are films that are not as good as expected, there are more excellent works that exceed expectations.

Disappeared She took the lead, Three Wan Li in Chang ‘an, In the Octagonal Cage were full of stamina, The First Part of Gods was well received, and The Warmth was warmly reflected.

One domestic film after another has completely ignited the film market in China, and this year’s summer box office is expected to break the box office record of 17.653 billion yuan created by the summer file in 2019.

On July 21st, the Mahua FunAge comedy "Super Family" directed by Song Yang and starring Allen and Shen Teng was released, which earned 87.33 million yuan at the box office that day, and unexpectedly won the one-day box office champion. However, its reputation was not satisfactory, and it was impossible to reproduce the hot box office in Moon Man in the same period last year.

These two films were originally considered as the most important domestic commercial films in the second half of this summer, but their box office performance in the first weekend was not as good as expected, which made people slightly worried about whether the China mainland film market could continue to be hot in August.

The east is not bright and the west is bright. Last Saturday and Sunday, the domestic comedy inspirational film "Enthusiasm", which was scheduled to be released on July 28, was released in the country one week ahead of schedule. The touching and funny story won enthusiastic response from the audience and restored confidence in the August film market.

As of the press release of The Vane of Film and Television, the box office in July this year has reached 6.656 billion yuan, which is only one step away from the highest box office record of 6.966 billion yuan in China film history created in July 2018. There are still eight days left, which will surely set a new record.

Among the new films released last weekend, the biggest surprise was the hip-hop comedy "Enthusiasm" directed by Dapeng and starring Bo Huang and YiBo. This is the second film directed by Dapeng released this year.

On March 10th, "Keep You Safe" starring Dapeng, Li Xueqin, Andrew and Wang Xun earned 700 million box office and 7.7 points for Douban. "Enthusiasm" is even worse in terms of word of mouth, starring lineup and release schedule.

The film tells the story of little people pursuing their dreams and fighting back. The theme of street dance is not only novel, but also meets the aesthetic needs of young audiences. The whole film is both exciting and tearful. Personally, it is the best film directed by Dapeng so far.

"Enthusiasm" has the right casting, and the scene of the street dance competition is very explosive and youthful. YiBo gave full play to his dancing skills and presented his best performance on the big screen to the audience.

As always, Bo Huang’s performance is grounded and humorous, and she also shows off her dancing skills in the film. He and Yun-peng Yue also made a lot of jokes in the film. When Liu Mintao’s mother sang "Zhang San’s Song" in the film, I saw my eyes moist.

Such an inspirational film, which is burning, touching, funny and realistic, is likely to lead the second half of the summer file in August and this year, and the box office will hit 2 billion or even 3 billion yuan.

According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, up to now, the summer box office in 2019 and 2018 ranked first and second in the box office of China film history in the same period. By analyzing the box office rankings of single films in the past two years, we can find that five films have grossed more than 1 billion yuan.

At present, three films, Disappeared She, Trapped in an Octagon Cage and Long March, have grossed more than 1 billion yuan this summer, and the films that are expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in the second half are expected to be Feng Shen Part I and Enthusiasm. Meg 2, which was released on August 4th, is likely to have a good reputation. In this way, there are expected to be as many as six films with a box office of 1 billion this summer.

In 2019, Ne Zha, the champion of summer box office, earned 4.706 billion yuan at the box office. In the summer of 2018, Dying to Survive, the box office champion, earned 3.098 billion yuan, and the runner-up "The Richest Man in Xihong City" earned 2.52 billion yuan.

This year’s summer file, "Disappeared She" currently ranks first at the box office with 3.465 billion yuan, which has surpassed Dying to Survive. The box office of octagonal cage is currently close to 2 billion yuan, and the final box office will definitely exceed 2 billion yuan. Cat’s Eye’s latest forecast that the final box office of Chang ‘an Three Wan Li will be 1.94 billion yuan.

If "Enthusiasm" can reach 23 billion yuan at the box office after its release, and other heavy films such as Meg 2’s "Put all your eggs in one basket", "Assassination Storm" and "Learning Dad", this summer’s box office is likely to break the highest box office record in China’s film history at the same time.

A single flower does not make a spring. Compared with Ne Zha’s dominance in the summer of 2019, this summer’s top films are richer in themes and types, and the box office structure is more reasonable. Looking forward to China movies getting better and better!