Why is predecessor 4, which more than 2.9 million people want to see, far ahead?

Special feature of 1905 film network "Ex" is always an eternal topic. I believe that there is always a song belonging to it in many people’s song lists. Fish LeongI sang, "This moment suddenly feels so familiar/like it was being shown at the same time yesterday and today/my tone turned out to be like you/not the evidence that we loved";JJ LinSing "ex" as, "Don’t tell her/I still miss her/It’s easier to let go of hate than love. When tears block your chest/Let silence/take the place of all answers".

In the New Year’s Eve of 2017-18, a film "Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" set off the market, and a film "Decent" made the story of Meng Yun (Han Geng) and Jia Lin (Kelly) a "difficult story" for many viewers. The lyrics "Breaking up should be decent/no one should say sorry/no debt/I dare to break my heart", which brings their final separation out of a new emotional point.

The story of the two people has regrets, or is unfinished, and almost everyone is looking forward to it. So what will happen next?selfEx-4: Early Marriage(hereinafter referred to as "predecessor 4") Since the official announcement, the number of people who want to see is far ahead, and it has exceeded one million on both platforms.Only after this "decent farewell" with my predecessor, the story went to "early marriage".

Before talking about "predecessor 4", we still need to understand why the "predecessor" series can last for a long time.

Looking back at the film history of China, few love movies IP have the opportunity to shoot three or more cases like the "predecessor" series. To a great extent, the popularity of the "Ex" series is due to the seemingly dramatic conflict of story lines, which can also make some viewers empathize and express their emotions.

The sense of reality under the drama comes from the fact that when director Yu-sheng Tian created this series, he took materials from life, recorded the emotional stories of friends around him, and then refined them.

As the creator grows older, the story slowly begins to enter a new link — — Marriage.Just like vice president of China Film Directors Association, famous producer, screenwriter and planner.Wang HongweiAfter the screening interview, it was said that "Previous 4" would be different from the past three films, and it was obvious that director Yu-sheng Tian had grown up to understand emotions.

It is true that when filming "Ex 4", director Yu-sheng Tian and starring Han Geng and Ryan all entered a new stage in their emotional life. Looking back at the lines of the past three films, Yu-sheng Tian even lamented that "I can’t write it now, which is a documentary reflection of that age".

The same is true for the audience of the "predecessor" series. After ten years, from the student days of that year, or just entering the society, most of them are now facing marriage and the "daily necessities" after marriage.

Under the eternal topic of "marriage", "Former 4" explores the more detailed key point — — Facing marriage with blind date (Meng Yun) and the "marriage cooling-off period" for couples to welcome marriage (Yu Fei) — — One of their core topics is the habit in emotion.

Meng Yunhe and Yu Fei (Ryan) are just like "two sides of one body" for habit.How many people, like Meng Yun, have had a vigorous emotional experience even if they don’t have the "supreme treasure" emotional expression. This experience has also become the key to making it difficult to cross yourself and start a new relationship. In today’s words, it is "sequela of breakup" — — Afraid of starting a new relationship, insecure about feelings, afraid of loneliness and getting along, afraid to try and touch.

In this state, many people are used to living alone, and the so-called "loneliness rating test" items on the Internet are no longer important, just as the lines in the movie say, "When you find that eating, watching movies, exercising and going to the supermarket can be done by yourself, you will gradually get used to this kind of loneliness."

Often at this time, parents will be more anxious and start the marriage promotion mode.From rejection to acceptance, young people now have their own understanding of blind date, from relatives to members who are willing to recharge their dating software — — At least for them, even if it is not for the purpose of marriage and love, it can become another new social possibility in this fast-paced life.

The description of the details in Ex-4 is extremely ingenious, which blends into feelings and is higher than reality, and skillfully handles the interpersonal relationship of contemporary young people in blind date. This subtle reality is interesting, and even echoes the "predecessor table" at the beginning of "predecessor raiders" (2014).

Of course, some people naturally expect to meet "soulmate" on blind date.Meng Yun’s blind date was not smooth until he met a lawyer, willow (Cya Liu Play) — — The opening does not have a strong purpose, but the humorous opening becomes a plus item. Getting along with each other is like entering the slow pace of student days, watching the stars. At this time, the movie offers another golden sentence, "People with single beliefs are more likely to meet soul mates, and such people treat their feelings more purely."

It’s just that compared with willow’s bravery, Meng Yun has become more embarrassed. He will write an article about "being used to being alone", but as Zi Wang (Romeo) said, "You are not used to being alone, but afraid of changing the present."

Sometimes, this change is "suffocating". Even if they are on the same frequency, a person begins to appear in life, which may change the pace of life, and the spread from point to point seems to have a lot of constraints.

This is not only Meng Yun’s mentality when facing willow, but also the problem that Yu Fei faces when getting along with Xiaodian (Mengxue Zeng).

Compared with Meng Yun’s twisted personality, Yu Fei is more straightforward in getting along with Tiny Point. A "Confession Bureau" in "Former 3" shows that this group of young people are calm and comfortable with their feelings, not binding each other, but also giving themselves space. Only when it comes to "Ex 4", when Yu Fei proposes "marriage", will he be worried that he can really enter the marriage state smoothly?

They continued all the styles in their previous relationship, carried out honesty to the end, and started the "marriage cooling-off period".

When a person starts to live in a house, it is necessary to share the whole wardrobe, even all the accommodation in the house, and there will be objects different from the decoration style, but this is the "tolerance" and "tolerance" faced by getting along. It’s just that this tolerance is a little more competitive, and both of us want to go to a better state and give each other a sense of security.

The original intention of each other is pure, just a buffer for emotional progress.This anxiety about marriage is just another emotion of young people nowadays — — Worried about divorce. Therefore, Yu Fei and Xiaodian constantly use the "confession bureau" to correct the trajectory of two people, but marriage is no more than love. At the same time, it is more like a game of "two people and three feet", acting in tandem to balance the pace of two people.

As Tong Liya said after the premiere of Ex-4, "Everyone should think about how to get into a marriage, and then how to go on well in the marriage."

So, did Meng Yun and Yu Fei give the answer at the end of the movie?It can only be said that "Ex 4" gives an emotional answer that belongs to the two of them at the moment. But at least the film cuts to the current urban youth’s attitude towards emotion, facing and even reflecting. As for what the final answer will be, it seems that it belongs to them.This is also one of the most attractive places in the "predecessor" series.

From "Previous Raiders" to "Previous 4", the development of the plot will have an ending and a conclusion, but the feelings will not.

The creative team is also keen on the observation of emotions. He did not instill these contents into the audience very boring, nor did he attempt to preach the truth. Instead, he opened them in a comedy way, but always when he was caught off guard, the tears of the audience came down.

It may just be the emotional white paper of urban youth. Every story is innovating, and emotions are close to the times, looking for resonance.

In 2014, the "Previous Raiders" made the issue of "predecessor" no longer heavy; In 2015, "Ex 2" let everyone face love seriously and feel the two-way love; In 2017, "Ex 3" left his dignity in the breakup; In 2023, "Ex 4" turned decency into a "goodbye" of Jia Lin, but left love to the habit and still had to learn to "let go".

The "Ex" series also seems to create a state of love for the audience. Laughter when in love and tears when breaking up can be experienced in an immersive way. By the time of "Previous 4", this experience had a diversified interpretation.

Everyone will also be curious, will there be a follow-up story in the "predecessor" series?

As Yu-sheng Tian said, more life experiences are needed. After all, the stories of the "Ex" series have been hidden in the reality of laughter and tears.