Collect it! Qilian’s five go on road trip routes contain beautiful scenery.

There is no place like Qilian Mountain in the world. It is unique and cannot be copied. 570 million years ago, the earth was magnificent and the mountains were full of tsunamis. I don’t know how long it lasted, but the sea gradually receded and the land rose. Gradually, on the land in the northwest of China, the boundless Qilian Mountain grassland was formed.
It has been rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by National Geographic Magazine, and it has been rated as "Qilian Mountain in Heaven" by the world. Here, Yuan Ye is green with "the sky is grey and wild, and the wind blows grass and cattle and sheep are low", and here, "the sky is like a vault and four fields are covered".
For many go on road trip lovers, the scenery is on the road, and the unknown is beauty, not to mention beautiful qinghai, calling at the far end of the road. Go on road trip lovers from all over the country will take advantage of vacations and holidays to go to Qilian to feel the "beautiful scenery hanging on the horizon", regardless of long distance or short distance, even if they rent a car or carpool. Today, Xiaobian will recommend five go on road trip routes for everyone to experience the beautiful scenery together.
Corridor 1: Grassland Ethnic Customs Corridor
Ebao Town-Arou Township-Babao Town
[theme]Tibetan culture is combined with grassland customs.
LineEntering from Jingyang Mountain, along the G227 and 5302 sections, it is the most beautiful Qilian grassland scenery section, which organically combines the humanistic landscape such as national culture and religious culture with the prairie scenery, fully displays Qilian culture and national characteristics, and forms the Qilian grassland national customs landscape.
[Route tourist attractions]Jingyang Lingyakou, Ebao Ancient Slope, Yuanyang Flower Sea, Song Dynasty Triangle City Site, Arou Folk Culture Tourism Resort, Arou Temple.
[Distance span]About 90 kilometers.
Corridor 2: Heihe Grand Canyon Scenic Corridor
Yeniugou Township, Second Section of the Northern Section of Heihe Grand Canyon
[theme]The scenery of Heihe Gorge and Danxia style.
LineAlong the core landscape section of E204 Heihe Grand Canyon, combined with the landscape resources such as vegetation landscape, Danxia style and village style along the Heihe River.
[Passing through tourist spots]Heihe Grand Canyon, Huangzangsi Reservoir, Kayo Cultural Sites in Zhamashi Township, Qilian Deer Farm, and Oil Gourd Nature Reserve.
[Distance]About 70 kilometers.
Corridor 3: Ecological Impression Corridor of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yeniugou Township-Heiheyuan National Wetland Park
Natural ecological scenery.
Starting from Yeniugou Township, along the two sides of S204 are the most intuitive sections of plateau ecological landscape in Qilian County, including wildlife landscape, alpine meadow landscape, mountains and rivers landscape, snow mountain glacier landscape and so on. On the premise of ecological protection, combine natural ecological landscape with human landscape to create a characteristic ecological sightseeing corridor.
[Passing through tourist attractions]
Qilian Prairie, Heiheyuan Wetland Park and Sanheyuan Nature Reserve.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.
Corridor 4: Ami Dongsuo Snow Mountain Scenic Corridor
Ami Dongsuo Scenic Spot-Dadongshu Pass
[theme]Cultural and natural themes of sacred mountains in snowy areas.
LineAmidongsuo is the symbol of Qilian Mountain, with four seasons in one mountain, among which the snow scene is the most sacred. Relying on the majestic Amidongsuo and the lush ice ditch and forest landscape, a unique snow-capped mountain scenic corridor is formed.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Amidongsuo, Binggou Linhai, Dadongshu Pass.
[Distance span]About 37 kilometers.
Corridor 5: Moeller Grassland Nomadic Style Corridor
End point of Dadongshuyakou-—S302 Mole section
[theme]Nomadic customs theme.
LineMoeller Town is the only place on the great tour line around Qinghai Lake, and Moeller Town is the largest animal husbandry town in the county. The town has a large Mongolian population and a strong nomadic style. Form the most distinctive grassland nomadic customs corridor in southern Qilian, which is dominated by Mongolian national culture and grassland nomadic scenery.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Tianjing Holy Lake Scenic Area, Moeller Grassland Station, Datong River, etc.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.