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If you dare to go to Thailand.

Chapter one: Uninvited guests and ancient temples. In a remote mountain area in northern Thailand, a young traveler, Allen, is sheltering from the rain in an ancient temple. There is a mysterious legend in this temple. It is said that there is a magical witchcraft here that can attract people’s souls to mysterious forces. On a rainy night, Allen became interested in this legend, and he decided to find out.

The abbot of the temple knew the mystery of this technique well, and he showed a strange and complicated ceremony, which surprised Allen deeply. Allen decided to spend the night in this temple, although his back was cold.

Explore more secrets chapter 2: the attraction of the soul. The abbot explained to Allen that this magical witchcraft needs a special plant called "Soul Grass" to be implemented. This plant has mysterious power, which can make people’s souls leave the body temporarily. Then the abbot took out a portrait of a human figure with Allen’s face on it. He told Allen that the portrait would be their "medium". The abbot began to recite ancient incantations in a low voice, holding a portrait and putting soul grass on it. Suddenly, the image of Allen in the portrait began to distort, as if attracted by a powerful force, and Allen’s soul seemed to come out of the painting.

Chapter Three: The Trap of Curse. The abbot put the portrait in a wooden box and told Allen that his soul was trapped in the portrait and could not escape. The way to lift this curse is to find someone who is willing to sacrifice himself instead of Allen.

Allen was terrified, and his body gradually became weak, as if a cold force was eroding his vitality. He didn’t know how to save himself, but realized blankly that he must find the person who can suffer for him as soon as possible, otherwise his soul will be trapped in this painting forever.

Chapter Four: Breaking the Curse. Allen’s heart is full of horror. He just wants to escape from this place. He can’t stand this kind of suffering any longer. He is helpless and needs to find a way out. He asked the abbot how to lift the head drop. The abbot gave him a glimmer of hope and told him that only by finding someone willing to suffer for him can the curse be lifted.

However, Allen knew nothing about this proposal, and he felt confused and desperate. At this time, he met a kind-hearted local villager. The villager told him an old legend: every year on Ghost Festival, there will be a mysterious ceremony, which can relieve the head drop. The key to this ceremony is to use a "body double" to attract the power of head-dropping, and then a monk recites the scriptures, permanently sealing this power in Chapter 5: the initiation of the ceremony.

Allen decided to try this legendary mysterious ceremony. Under the guidance of the villagers, he found the monk and started the ceremony with him with uneasy feelings. On the altar, the monks took out a portrait, in which the abbot was lifelike. They put the portrait on the altar and began to recite the scriptures. With the sound of scripture, the image of the abbot on the portrait began to distort, as if being attracted out of the frame. Then the monk put a burning brazier in front of the altar and instructed Allen to throw his hair and nails into the fire.

Chapter Six: The End of the Curse. When the last scripture was finished, the flame in the brazier suddenly went out, as if swallowed up by darkness. Allen, a monk, conveyed an important message. He pointed to Allen and said, "The head drop technique in your body has been completely resolved, and your strength has been restored." Hearing the good news, Allen was ecstatic, his body was full of new vitality, and his eyes filled with tears, thanking the monk. Then, he set foot on the road to leave this place that once scared him.

However, as Allen went further and further, the monk recited a mysterious scripture in a low voice, which was deep and shocking, as if to awaken an ancient and powerful force. He sincerely called: "this cursed soul, you have experienced countless hardships, and now your suffering is finally over." Mother-in-law is actually a princess in Quanzhou, China. Click to follow