Why did Volvo and Krypton choose their batteries?

On April 27th, an interview with the theme of "Walking in the Pioneer Area to See Green, Low Carbon and High Quality Development" entered Shandong Geely Xinwangda Power Battery Co., Ltd. As the undertaker of Geely Automobile’s latest pure electric and hybrid platform power battery manufacturing, with the world’s first advantage of Xinwangda hybrid battery production capacity and Geely Group’s multi-brand and multi-series automobile resource endowment, we cooperate and support each other, and give priority to the supply of many popular models such as Lectra, Krypton, Volvo and Smart, helping enterprises to develop circularly and comprehensively utilize product resources. (Public Daily Public News Client Reporter Ma Haiyan Zhang Ziliang Tang Yi Gong Shan Planning Ma Yufeng Zhang Huanze)